4 Best Dog Cold-Weather Gear to Buy in 2021

Winter- the season for Christmas and New Year that gives us just the right excuse to go nuts shopping! You’ve got to admit that when you go shopping you cannot forget your pooch waiting for you to get back home with all the shopping bags. Like humans, dogs need cold-weather gear too in the winters. How do you keep a puppy warm in winter? Simple. You get them the right accessories for the fall and winter to take proper care of them. 

Dogs are mammals, they feel the warmth and cold too. As the season changes you need to get your dog the right accessories to accommodate them accordingly. 

Products You Can Buy to Keep a Puppy Warm In Winter

Winter dog accessories are readily available in the market for all dog breeds and sizes. While you are preparing a proper diet plan for your dog, you can also prepare a list of the dog accessories for winter too. You’d be surprised by the sheer number of items available online and at the pet outlets. 

But where to start from?

Are you confused? Relax! 

I have compiled a list of the most common and easy to buy dog cold-weather gear so that you can add it to your list of items when you go shopping. 

1- Let’s Start with the Jackets

So how do you keep a puppy warm in winter? You can begin with a sturdy and high-quality weather-proof jacket. Quite a common winter gear, you can get your dog the weather-proof jacket easily. Especially for small breed dogs, jackets are becoming quite a winter trend. Small dog breeds are more prone to cold so to keep them toasty warm you can give them a durable winter jacket. 

But you have to remember a few basic details like 

  • Type of Jacket 

Depending on the weather conditions you can get either a thin fleece jacket or a thick one. If you happen to travel with your dog then you will need to have them wear a jacket. In case the days are colder than a padded jacket is the right choice because it will provide more warmth than a fleece jacket. Also, the padded jackets are water-resistant and are wind-proof as well. 

  • Reflective Trim

It’s an added bonus for the dog’s jacket (just out of safety concerns). To buy a jacket with reflective trim your dog will be visible so that you’d know where your pet is at all times. 

2- Boots!

If you are thinking “How can I keep my dog’s paws warm in winter?” then this is the right answer for you. To match with the new jacket you can pair it with the hard-soled rubber boots! Boots are important for a couple of right reasons like 

  • They protect your dog’s paws from ice balling 
  • They also prevent the salt or other harsh materials from penetrating the paw from the underside. 

Paws are quite sensitive. So if you see your dog is walking funny then you need to inspect their paws too to see if something nasty is protruding or not. 

A decent pair of boots can even make up for the best present for a dog! The dog boots must be of high-quality, durable, comfortable, and tight-fit so that if you go on a winter hike they are able to walk comfortably and not limp all the way. So to keep your dog warm and active during winters you can buy matching jackets and boots from any online pet store. 

3- Food Toys

Bad weather means you can be stuck inside your house for a long time period. This means your dog can become antsy about it. So to keep your dog active in winter it’s better to stimulate their time at home with a food toy!

Although food toys are excellent for any occasion when you get hit by a winter blizzard your dog will be busy trying to work for their food. The use of food toys is quite helpful for mental stimulation as it reduces boredom.

The frustration-driven behavior will gradually slow down which means no more excessive chewing or destructive behavior in dogs either.  So, which can be the best choice for a food toy for your dog?

You can select from any of these categories like; 

  • Kongs
  • Food puzzles or snuffle mats 
  • Licki pads and so on 

4- Beds

One of the most personal winter dog accessories is the bed. It’s like a private territory for your dog at the end of the long day of playing or barking around.  A nice soft, dog bed will make your pet fall asleep faster than you could ever imagine. 

If you are the owner of a senior dog then you will need to make sure the best is warm, soft, and most importantly comfortable to help ease pain in their stiff joints. It’s important to keep your dog warm in winter and to help them overcome the pain of arthritis too (which is quite common in senior breeds). 

Another cool trick to keep your dog warm in winter is to use an electric heat mat! All you need to do is to add it to their bed and ensure that there’s no chance of them catching a cold ever again. 

For instance, K&H Thermo Snuggly Sleeper is a cool winter dog accessory. It comes with a padded heated pillow and even a large breed dog can fit in the bed. So even if you have a large dog breed you can order one on Amazon too. 

Bottom Line

You can always buy the best cold-weather dog gear from the local superstores or an exclusive pet shop physically or online. But whenever you do make sure the materials do not itch your dog’s skin (some products can cause allergies to dogs) and are returnable too. Your dog is your best bud and a loyal friend too.

 So now, it’s your time to take care of them by keeping them warm by getting them the very basic winter gears and adding onto it. Prove your loyalty to your dog by taking care of them!

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