7 Handful Must-Have Good Toys for Dogs 2021

We all know with pets ownership comes a lot of responsibility. You need to keep them healthy and happy but most importantly active. There are so many good toys for dogs you can choose from. While some dog toys are good for chewing purposes, some keep aggressive behaviors at bay or some are good for their teeth too!

There’s no denying the fact that dog toys are important to develop a stronger bond with your pet. So all the dog parents you need to fill the cart with doggie toys. 

Convenient To Buy and Durable Types of Toy Dogs

If you are the new mom or dad for the puppy then you’d know how energetic dogs can be. With proper training, you can make your dog behave themselves and not create a fuss. But how to do so? Besides teaching them commands, use the best dog toys to keep them busy and to help them learn too. 

According to Gary Weitzman, author of Complete Guide to Pet Health, “The best toys replicate natural behavior”.

Dog toys are one way to ensure enrichment and essential survival skills for dogs. So to help new dog parents, a brief list is compiled down below to help you find the types of puppy toys you can get your dog.

1. Balls 

Does your dog love to play fetch? The fact is this a natural behavior of every dog to play with the ball. The infatuation comes naturally, so balls are the best dog toys for heavy chewers. Some dogs just can’t stop chewing. So pick the ball that is neither too big nor too small that it can be swallowed by the dog. 

You can buy from a basic tennis ball to a rubber ball or glow in the dark balls. Some balls also contain squeakers or can be filled with water or even bounce. But do avoid a tennis ball – for an aggressive chewer, it will wear their teeth down. 

2. Frisbee 

Dogs who love to play fetch can also be distracted by discs or other interactive dog toys. Discs are more versatile and therefore one of the best chew toys for dog teeth as it doesn’t wear them down. For instance, if you have a Hurley for your dog, its unique shape to play is comfortable for a dog to have a strong grip.

Interactive dog toys are meant to create strong bonds in facilitating fun. Pups love to run so it’s one of the healthiest activities too. So it’s time to hurl the frisbee into the sky and let your pooch try-catch ‘em. 

3. Dog Bones

Chewing on bones is one good way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Dog bones are suitable and edible. 

 The word “edible” shows the constructive use of a dog’s bones i.e. a dog can put the toy in its mouth but cannot eat it. However, even chew toys can bring harm to your dog’s teeth especially if they already have bad teeth. Edible chew toys and treats can minimize and slow the accumulation of tartar and reduce plaque growth.

On Amazon, you can buy indestructible dog toys like Himalayan Dog Chew or Z-Bone easily among other dog bones. You can also buy the Dogwood Durable Real Wood Dog Chew toy for dogs too who love to chew. 

4. Treat Dispenser

Want to keep your pup happy? It’s time to keep your dog occupied with a toy that dispenses treats. Treat dispensers are the best toys for small dogs because it acts as the primary motivator, you’ll be able to get them to do a raft. The best thing about treat dispensers is that it stimulates brain activity.

If you are busy at work then bring in the toy to keep your dog busy. Even if you have to leave the house for a short time period then it’s a good way to keep your dog distracted. When your dog’s undergoing the training program, treat dispensers are a foolproof way to teach your dogs how to incorporate new habits. 

5. Dog Puzzles 

Time to challenge your dog’s brain power with the dog puzzles! We love to put the pieces of the jigsaw together. Guess what? Dog puzzle toys can be bought from pet stores easily. If you want to teach your dog coordination and develop their instincts. Puzzles are the best way to stimulate brain activity. 

You’d be surprised how smart the furry Einsteins can be when challenged under the right pressure. Dog puzzle toys are not different from the puzzles humans play so don’t confuse them. For instance, a Treat Pod is a dog puzzle with hidden treats inside the tiny pods. It is best for twin dogs too so it suffices to say dog puzzle toys can be interactive in nature. 

6. Dog Ropes 

Assorted rope toys are the best indescribable dog toys for aggressive chewers. If you adopted a dog from a shelter, chances are they might display anger in the form of breaking or chewing down the furniture. 

The best way to stop them? 

Use the rope toys, they are pretty much solid and come in a variety of collections. For instance, the Pacific Pups Rescue Assorted Rope Toys are best for large dog breeds. You can buy a pack of three rope toys and a rubber ball and so on. Once you get the rope toys your dog will go nuts over it! 

7. DIY Toys

Oh so are you one of those guys who want to scrape out unused materials from their home and create homemade dog toys? Be my guest! It’s a fun DIY project and therefore I’m all up for it too. We all have dish towels or old t-shirts lying around which are no good use to use right? If you wrap them up altogether real nice and note them at both ends you can create a knotted homemade dog toy for your dog. 

Or you can try a dried sweet potato toy too! These are highly indestructible chew toys for dogs. Just genius! Homemade toys need a little creativity and voila! They can be made in a short time period and are super cheap too. 

The moment your dog starts to play you’d know their likeness and unlikeness so keep a close eye on them. 

Let The Dog Play!

For any new good toys for dogs, you pick to make sure that you supervise when your pet initiates the first contact with them. This is for as much as your dog’s safety and to protect the dog toys too. You can easily buy dog toys of all types from online pet stores so what’s stopping you from getting your dog something special?

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