9 Jaw-Dropping Rare Dog Breeds You May Have Never Heard Of!

Each Dog is One of a Kind… 

One day you happen to be strolling in a nearby park with your Golden Retriever. The weirdest thing happens – a weird-looking creature is licking a baby’s face! But wait a second. On a second glimpse (concentrating real hard), you realize that this weird creature is actually one of the rare dog breeds you have ever seen! 

Some of the dog breeds like Xolo are so rare they even battled to near extinction. If you are a pup lover, you may have heard of unique dog names too! But many do not have the chance to see and learn about unique dog breeds

Some breeds are most commonly found hence the reason for their popularity grows. But what about the other dog breeds?

 This article will blow your mind by listing dog breeds you might not even have heard of. 

What is a Rare Dog Breed?

These pups are scarce, and can be traced back to ancient times even! It’s not surprising to consider there are dog breeds that got extinct with time. But fess not my fellow readers! Rare dog breeds are hard to see in public places but they are highly incredible. 

Because they are rare, It’s a real struggle to find unique dog breeds to adopt these days. They can cost much, but for such dog lovers, the effort and money are worth it. 

9 Uncommon Dog Breeds You Should DEFINITELY Know About 

We say every dog is one of a kind, whether they are common breeds like German Shepherds and Labradors or weird dog breeds like Xolo. 

So if you are itching to know some of the rarest dog breeds keep reading on. 

1- Azawakh

Average Breed Cost: $2000-$2500 USD

Breed Size: Large Dog Breed 

Litter Size: 4-6 Pups 

Life Span: 10-12 Years 

These old souls were dominantly used for a good run, and hunt. They do resemble Greyhounds a lot. However, they originate from the Tuareg nomads of the Azawakh valley, Sahara Desert. This rare dog breed is a proud and loyal keep for the dog parents. 

Azawakh coats can vary from sand to dark red to white, black, blue, and even gray. 

Despite being purebred, being an uncommon dog breed makes them a costly pet. Basically they are the sighthounds, so if you are a dog enthusiast you need to provide proper training. 

2- Kai Ken

Average Breed Cost: $1500

Breed Size: Medium Sized Dog Breed

Litter Size: 2-4 Pups

Life Span: 14-16 Years 

Originally Kai Ken hail near Mt. Fuji. They are also considered to be one of the unique dog breeds since ancient times. They are highly skilled hunters with cunning intelligence. Commonly they are referred to as Kai Uni or Tora Inu. 

However, their popularity rose as Tiger Dog thanks to the striped coat. It’s another of the rarest purebred dogs but you can still be able to find them in local shelters or rescue groups. Being a Japanese spitz dog gives them the edge they love to roam around the mountains. Their hunting prowess is the most dominant skill. 

3- Mudi

Average Breed Cost: $1500

Breed Size: Medium-sized dog breed

Litter Size: 5-8 Pups 

Life Span: 12-14 Years

Pronounced as “moody”, are one of the most alert, active, smart, and rarest dog breeds. Mostly known for their obedience, agility, dog competitions, and as a watchdog, they make up for an adorable pet in a household. 

Originally they are found in Hungary, helping maintain the flocks of sheep. At one time, they were even known as the “driver dog” for that very reason. Their herding skills are natural. Mudi is a super active dog, thus it explains the reason for herding. 

That also means they need high exercise. Plus, they are a calm and family-oriented type of pet. 

4- Spinone Italiano

Average Breed Cost: $1,750

Breed Size: Medium to large sized dog breed

Litter Size: 4-8 Pups 

Life Span: 12-14 Years

If you are looking for the rarest hunting dog breed, Spinone Italiano is the answer. They are an energetic and fun dog who gets to spend a lot of time among other hunting dog breeds. 

They adore their human family. If you happen to be a backpacker, consider taking Spinone Italiano with you! Even if it’s a hiking trail, they are your paw pal for the day. Vets usually recommend a good sleeping schedule for this rare dog.  They have zero aggressiveness and are extremely sweet by nature. 

They can even be used as pointers

5- English Foxhound

Average Breed Cost: $600 – $800

Breed Size: Medium-size dog breed

Litter Size: 5-7 Pups 

Life Span: 11-13 Years

This rare dog was bred for one reason – pursuing the foxes in the English countryside. However, today they tend to enjoy an urban lifestyle within a warm household. 

As hunting dogs, they have massive loads of energy, and also need plenty of dog training exercises. Being an unknown dog breed has also made them a popular choice among dog enthusiasts. They are a good traveling companion whether it’s an adventure in the wilderness or hiking the mountains. 

As they need constant physical exertions, they are not suitable for apartment living. 

6- Afghan Hound

Average Breed Cost:$2500 – $3500

Breed Size: Medium-large breed

Litter Size: 6-8 Pups

Life Span: 11-13 Years

If you thought Poodle is an example of a posh dog then think again. Afghan Hound is one of the most prestigious and the most beautiful rarest dog breeds! 

They can give Poodles or any other dog breed a run for their money (no jokes). As the name suggests, their origin is traced back to Afghanistan. Their unique appearance with a dramatic silky coat and exotic-looking face makes them ideal for a dog fashion parade. If Dior made dog gears, they would definitely model this weird dog breed. 

Besides their unique coat, and lean body, they are fast runners, and highly valued for it. Their coat is extragenic warm too and so they are loved by their breeders. 

7- Cesky Terrier

Average Breed Cost: $1300-$2600

Breed Size: Small-sized dog breed

Litter Size: 2-6 Pups 

Life Span: 12-15 Years

Cesky Terrier is your small rare dog loved for its loving personality, average exercise needs, and easy grooming. 

Their small size makes them an ideal choice for some couch cuddling. They are one of the most energetic small dog breeds, highly devoted to their family, and get a 5-star for obedience too. 

One of the most attractive traits is their bluish-gray coat that can sometimes range from silver to dark charcoal too. However, they do require weekly grooming so you have to be careful about that. 

8- Otterhound

Average Breed Cost: $1500-$2500

Breed Size: Medium-sized dog breed 

Litter Size: 2-14 Pups

Life Span: 10-13 Years 

Bred as a hunting dog breed, Otterhound is an uncommon dog breed that is best used for work. Their origins are traced back to England where they were mainly used for hunting otters. 

Some of the young pups might end up at the rescue and shelter homes, so if you live in the US or Canada, you may find a pup!  

Renowned for their nose and stamina, Otterhounds are built for work. Their friendly and affectionate nature makes them the family crown! Maybe that’s the reason for being a weird dog breed? Who knows! But they are surely a friendly member of the family. 

9- Norwegian Lundehund

Average Breed Cost: $2000

Breed Size: Small-medium sized dog 

Litter Size: 4-8 Pups 

Life Span: 10-12 Years 

Among one of the rarest dog breeds of the world, this little paw friend here is the most unique one. Being a member of the Spitz family, it originated from Verog and Rost in Northern Norway (hence the name). This unique dog breed is playful, fun-loving, and cunning to its best of abilities. 

Their small size makes them an ideal dog even if you live in a small apartment so they wouldn’t cause any trouble either! 

One of the most unique characteristics is that each paw consists of 6 toes, their prick ears are folded closed and moveable like a muscle. The Lundehund is blessed with reddish to brown to tan colors. Their friendly nature makes them warm to humans. 

How to Find Rare Dog Breeds?

We suggest considering the two most casual choices; 

  • Adopting a puppy or an adult dog 
  • Rescue a rare dog from shelters 

But sometimes your heart can be set on a purebred puppy even if they are one of the unknown dog breeds. For this, you need to find a breeder who knows what they are doing. These breeders are careful about the dog breeds they take care of, breed only healthy dogs that have mild temperaments with a parent/family. 

Ask your vet or trusted sources to find a breeder who is uniformed, unscrupulous, or can be both!

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