Best Chew Toys for Dogs to make them Happy

Pet owners listen carefully. If you are reading this article it means you have reached a point in your life where you need to keep your pets busy with their “me time”. Especially if you are a dog owner it’s always risky to buy a new toy as they lose interest easily. Still, there are toys available in the market that do meet up to the challenging tasks of keeping your dog happy. 

Playing is the natural behavior of canines. Although some dogs chew more than others and you can get chew toys for aggressive chewers and so on. Dog toys are essential items for a dog of all ages and sizes. You can even resolve the behavioral problems in dogs with the best dog chew toys.

A lot of chew toys for dogs are available in the market. Even if your dog chews aggressively or has sensitive teeth you can make a purchase accordingly. 

Healthy and Safe Chew Toys for Dogs

Healthy and Safe Chew Toys for Dogs

Playing is the natural behavior of canines. Although some dogs chew more than others and you can get chew toys for aggressive chewers and so on. Dog toys are essential items for a dog of all ages and sizes. You can even resolve the behavioral problems in dogs with the best dog chew toys. 

So when it’s time to buy the dog toys, keep their personality and behavior in mind. It’s best to try different types of toys for your dogs and see how well or bad your dogs react to them. Whatever dog toys you choose must be safe to play with. 

What type of Chewer is Your Dog?

Watch your dog carefully when they play with toys. Dog behavior will vary so some can become a:

  • Shredder – they destroy the toy when put in front of them. 
  • Inhaler – they literally tend to inhale the toy like a vacuum. 
  • Lover – they savor the treats and are gentle with toys. 

So keeping the hazard factor in mind a list of accessible dog toys is listed down below. Let’s see if any of the following chew toys are of any help.

1. KONG Extreme Dog Toy

If you want chew toys for dogs for aggressive chewers, KONG is the right choice. Among most customers, this toy is an all-rounder toy. So if your dog is either a shredder, inhaler, or toy lover, the toy can sustain the pressure big time. 

From small dog breeds to large ones, after thorough observation, I concluded that Kong is the best chew toy. 

It’s made from tough materials (the most durable rubber) and is designed by keeping aggressive cheers in mind which is why with its long-lasting durability it is the most popular option!

2. Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew

The best chew toy for dog teeth is the dinosaur-shaped bone! 

According to one study at VCA animal hospital, it was found that 80% of dogs over 3 years of age suffer from some degree of dental disease. Brushing is helpful for dental hygiene for dogs but so are the dental chew toys, hence the reason Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew is our top pick. It was designed to satisfy dog natural craving to chew and is beneficial in reducing the high risk of periodontal disease. 

Why you will love it: it is made from ultra-tough materials and is covered in gentle rounded nubs and bristles. These nubs and bristles help to keep the scrape plaque at bay even after chewing and also is helpful to keep the tartar off your dog’s teeth.

3. Chuckit Indoor Ball

If your dog has few (or no teeth) as it is more common in senior dogs, then plush chew toys for a dog with no teeth make an incredible playtime. 

Chewing is natural for dogs, especially after losing their teeth the urge is still there. While it’s hard for senior dogs to play, they still need to interact with them with playthings too. 

Among lots of squishy toys and I found Chuckit Indoor Ball to be the soft and bouncy toy ball. This bouncy ball is lightweight and silent. The Chuckit Indoor Ball is perfect for indoor toys and also protects your home furniture. 

So yeah, it’s a win-win for you and your dog. The durable design is made with a multilayered construction which makes it super fun for toothless dogs. 

4. Nylabone Strong Chew Stick

Are you looking for chew toys for dogs that like wood? A real wood stick would be too strong for the dog but a wood chew toy is softer in comparison. If you have a dog who loves to chew wood, then Nylabone Dtorng Chew Stick with the right combination of nylon and wood provides the much-needed durability to the toy. 

Another fantastic quality is that Nylabone chew stick comes into flavors – bacon and maple. Besides two options in size are also available according to the small breed dogs and large breed dogs. So you can have your pick easily.

5. Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy

For me the coolest chew toys for dogs with separation anxiety is to let them have a cuddle buddy – Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy. 

This is not even surprising because like humans, dogs want physical love too. In this case, they want to cuddle or feel the warmth of being snuggled so a toy puppy that radiates heat is a good choice 

The toy doesn’t need to be super fancy. The stuffed pup provides company for dogs with separation anxiety. An inserted battery-operated heart provides warmth to your dog making it a surreal feeling. Once turned on, the pulsing heartbeat helps soothe your pup. For new puppy owners, this toy will work wonders. 

6. Elk Antlers

Sometimes dogs have weird chewing cravings. No matter how good the chew toy is, it could be possible your dog is allergic to one of them. If your pet has special needs then finding a functional chew toy for dogs with allergies can be a tad bit hard. 

After squinting through every pet store, I finally found Elk Antlers. These are available in all sizes so it’s the best fit for all dog breeds. It is a nutrition-tested chew toy for dogs with allergies but if you want to consult your vet or a dog’s consultant you can rightfully do so. These dog toys were all naturally shed which means no animals were harmed in the making of the product. 

7. Nylabone Power Chew

Ring! Ring! A textured ring shape chew toy for dogs with a sensitive stomach is available in the market! Sometimes your pup can have tummy issues which make it impossible for them to even play with the chew toys. Like every other dog parent, I have faced the trouble so even despite the specific diet plan, a Nylabone Power Chew is an added bonus. 

You can contact your vet for the options for dog chews like bones and other options you can choose.  For a non-digestible chew toy, the textured ring toy is irresistible for dogs. Also available in flavors, the Nylabone Ring is an innovative dog chew toy that doesn’t hurt your dog’s tummy. 

In the Last

Anything your dog chews, monitor them loosely. Especially when it comes to toys they can result in a health hazard too otherwise. Dog chew toys are a companion for the time when you are busy so don’t let dogs get too accustomed to the idea of chew toys or they can develop aggressive chewing. Besides, let them be good dogs for a good while you get on with your day.

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