6 Top Protection Breeds: Best Guard Dogs for First Time Owners

Why willingly sacrifice safety when your pet can be your guard dog? The use of a security system is alright but with the soaring crime rates, people’s best friend, the dog, is a new help. 

Your pet is your most protective dog. This goes without saying. You need to train them, teach them new commands once in a while and keep up with the old ones. Dogs are loyal to the bone.

 Indeed, what better way to be protected than having a loyal paw-friend take care of you right?

A-Listers Breeds: The Most Protective Dogs

When you become a dog parent for the first time, the question pops up in your mind. Which breed are the best protection dogs

A good guard dog always knows the difference between the intruder and the safe person. You can train a guard dog yourself or have them trained also. They shouldn’t jump on every other person that comes in sight. For your ease, I have mentioned some of the A-lister breeds. These guard dogs are popular for their qualities. 

Mind you, neither will pat a single eye before jumping on an intruder either. So here you go, guys. 

1- Airedale Terrier

Popular as “King of Terriers” they are friendly with kids and known to be the best guard dogs for families too. 

Airedales bark relentlessly. Their powerful jaws are ready to bite anytime if they choose to. They do not like being alone. They love to be surrounded by a family and kids hence the reason they are top on my list. 

Sometimes they can be aggressive towards other animals if they feel threatened but if they are well trained and learn new commands they are the best bet. 

2- Akita

The cute cult-tailed Japanese mountain dog is known as the symbol of good health and long life. They are known to be fiercely protective in nature. Perhaps the reason they are the second-best American choice for the protection dogs. 

Akitas are extremely social, playful, and silly sometimes in a good way. They bark when they have to but can become aggressive if they sense danger. 

Since Akitas are social dogs, they are easy to interact with familiar faces and you can choose them as guard dogs. 

3- Appenzeller Sennenhund

They might be small guard dogs but you will be surprised to know once you adopt them. They are a great pick because of their high agility and energy. Originally they were farm dogs. They are known for their intelligence and obedience. 

So, it’s a given that as guard dogs, they are a good choice for families who are looking for a friendly-looking pet. 

4- Rottweiler

This dog breed has everything you want in a guard dog. They are active, alert, and super reserved with a stranger. 

But once they are not on duty, Rottweilers are playful, friendly, and super fun-loving too. They love to please their dog-parents and if necessary protect them fiercely. 

Their body is packed with power. Hence the reason they are the top pick among the police departments, military and customs works. 

5- German Shepherd

Among the large dog breeds, the German Shepherd is an active and self-assured option. Sure they are friendly. These are among the most common picks too in the American household. With the right training, they can easily develop their skills as the best guard dogs

Besides their fierce role as the guard dog, they are friendly to play with too. The breed is popular for its loyalty and confidence. 

6- Doberman Pinscher

Ah! My favorite breed is here now. For some people Dobeman is super scary but they are utterly fearless, alert and loyal dogs. They are popular for their intelligence, strength and speed. 

Because of their high speed they can catch up to the intruder fast and so you can imagine why i love them so much. Although Doberman can be predictable. This means they do not attack other dog owners who come in sight. 

They have short pointy ears, sharp features and an extremely athletic looking body. But don’t be frightened if you want to get one. They are friendly and love to socialize too. 

Are Guard Dogs dangerous in Any Way?

For intruders? Sure, they are. You might have heard horror stories (unrelated to crime)  from time to time too that might pop up the question mark in your head. Guard dogs show malice when the territory is being trespassed. Since guard dogs are trained to attack/bark/react.

Therefore under some circumstances, it can be difficult for a guard dog to differentiate between an intruder or a regular person. Perhaps the only slightest drawback. 

Be cautious around guard dogs. It’s vital that you do. As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to put them on a leash if outside the home or train them accordingly to be around people. 

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