Best Practice to Travel with Your Dog for First Time

Holiday time may be long gone, but summer is on the way! You do know what it means right? The summertime is meant for traveling, lying under the sun, a day out for the picnic. Of course, your dog will be with you at all times. 

Oh, the traveling – uuuggghhh. The idea, great! The execution – ugugug.

Says a lot when you are unprepared to take your dog with you on a journey. So how to travel with a dog for the first time? Whether you want to plan a journey by car, air, or train you need to take care of certain things. So in the spirit of traveling for the first time, you need to be well prepared. Let’s see how you can do that. 

How to Travel with a Dog: The Car, Plane, and Train 

When you are making the travel decisions, you must choose the safest and most comfortable means of transportation with your pet. Whichever mode of travel you choose, you need to take care of the dog essentials you must carry. 

So to make traveling easier, down below are some of the best tips you need to follow to make traveling more enjoyable with your dog, especially if your first time. 

Traveling by Car

A road trip is a perfect opportunity to bond with your dog. But it doesn’t mean you have to become carefree about it. Here’s what you need to do;

  • Before traveling on a long journey, let your dog get accustomed to riding on one. You can practice this with short rides. Bring the dog car seat or dog cover seats to keep the car neat and clean. 
  • Avoid feeding your dog anything before letting your dog travel in the car. It’s an easy way to avoid car sickness (yes, dogs can get car sick quite easily). 
  • If your dog is inside the dog crate, make sure to keep the car well ventilated. The fresh air must flow into the crate too. 
  • Avoid the practice where you let the dog stuck his head out the window. It can lead to eye injuries otherwise or worse. 
  • If you have a truck, then avoid letting him ride on the back of the open truck. Make your dog wear the harness with a leash. 
  • Make frequent rest stops for not only yourself but for your dog. Traveling in a car with a dog means your pet can get anxiety too from lack of movements. It’s no in their nature to sit still for so long. 
  • It’s not wise to leave your dog in the car unattended even for a gas stop. Especially on summer days avoid it. 

Flying on a Plane 

You might enjoy traveling via a plane but there are some regulations for dog travel on a plane too you need to keep in mind. It’s best to research and ask form the airlines 3 weeks prior to any regularities

  • Plan a visit to the vet before your flying trip. You will need to submit the certification of health 10 days before travel. This also includes the certificate for rabies. 
  • It’s your responsibility as the dog owner to verify the dog’s health and ability to fly. It’s a part of airline regulations to provide confirmation for traveling only then. 
  • You can tranquilize your dog before flying. Perhaps this is the best practice. 
  • Before flying and after landing at the destination, remember to check your dog’s temperature. Your dog might be too hot or too cold so either way you need to assure the body temperature is normal.
  • Dogs are not excess baggage or cargo. So you cannot ship animals as cargo. 
  • Now, each airline has its own regulations and services regarding pet policies. Make sure your dog crate requirements are according to the airline’s regulations. 
  • Remember to make reservations for your dog. Each flight has restrictions on the number of animals permitted. 

Traveling on Train or Bus (and even Boat)

Okay, so you may not want to travel via road or fly on a plane. How to travel with a dog then? When you want to travel via train, bus or even boat then you should not be disappointed either. 

If your dog is under 20 pounds then you can get on a train with them easily. You just have to pay the fee, the charge rate for it. However, if you want to travel on the bus, then, unfortunately, dogs arent allowed on all buses. 

Besides, this, the local rail and buses have their own policies. So, if for some reason, you cannot travel on road with your dog, then make sure to review the policies of the bus companies and the train you are planning to travel to. 

But a boat trip with a dog is loads of fun! For instance, if you want to travel on a luxury cruiser, then you have the facility of special lodging and free meals for your dog too. So did you wanted to go on a long trip and travel with a dog? Then sure! Go ahead. 

Best Practice to Continue when Traveling with Dog

Planning a trip with the dog is one of the best things you can do to keep your dog happy. So keep up with practices in the future too. 

  • Frequent bathroom breaks. Train your dog how to relieve himself on different surfaces. 
  • Bring the dog toys along the trip to keep your dog busy on the journey.
  • Pack proper food and water with you.
  • Find pet-friendly hotels in the USA in advance with no dog size restriction. 
  • Never leave your dog unattended. 
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