10 Common Dog Health Problems you must Keep Eye On

Health is a blessing for all. But health-related problems will remain a part of our lives. Although no one ever wants to think of getting sick it’s important to learn, and educate ourselves. When it’s about your dog health you should never compromise on it either. If you think having a dog is an easy task, it is only true when you take proper care of your pet in all aspects. Even then your poor fellow can get sick. 

So what should you do then?

It’s okay to not be aware of a dog health problem, illness, or disease. 

This is why this article will shed some brief light on some of the common dog diseases you should know as a dog owner. 

Top 10 Most Common Dog Diseases that Easily get Ignored

The quality of your dog’s life reflects in how truly active they are. If your dog has anxiety problems since the beginning but you can control them. But what if all of a sudden they start to behave weirdly? 

Could this be related to their health? Dog health is important. But sometimes it is easily ignored as a sign of anxiety or behavior problem thinking it as “normal” like; 

1- Chronic Ear Problems

It’s a basic ear infection that you need to follow through with. If left untreated or taken too casually can lead to bigger problems. It can become painful and itchy for your dog. Dogs that spend the most time outdoors can have this problem. 

Dirt, dust, or any foreign object can be the cause of it which often leads to ear infections. So how do you know your dog has an ear infection? If your dog paws a lot at their ears this is a major giveaway. 

Vets usually recommend antibiotics like ear drops to prevent the infection from spreading. 

2- Dental Problem

One of the common dog health issues is if the dog has bad breath, it’s not acceptable. We think it’s okay because they are animals right? But if you are taking your dog for grooming sessions then why does your dog have dental issues? Inflamed gums are one reason. Just imagine your dogs in pain or a tooth went bad because you were neglecting to notice it. 

Doggy breath is officially a serious concern. The dog may stop eating their favorite homemade doggie treats or veggies they used to. Take your dog to the vet. 

3- Skin Problems

The dog experiences the discomfort twice as much as they cannot scratch the way we can if they get bitten by the fleas or the biting pests. Sometimes chronic rashes can be the problems of a skin rash. This means crazy itching and scratching!

It’s time for parasite control. So do not ignore the signs of excessive scratching it can also lead to excessive chewing problems. Fleas are easier to handle than ticks. In case your dog has ticks it’s a serious dog health concern as it can cause death too. A homemade vinegar spray can kill ticks and fleas. 

4- Arthritis

Only if your dog could speak about the pain in his bones this would make it a lot easier. As your dog gets old, this is one of the most common possibilities.  A common health problem in senior dogs is Arthritis. Your dog slows down with old age and nothing about this will make him or you feel any better. 

But what you can do is try to keep your dog active with exercises that help to control the pain, control the weight and use anti-arthritic drugs. This is not a permanent solution but it can help overcome the pain of Arthritis. 

5- Kennel Cough 

If you adopted your dog from a shelter home, chances are your dog has a higher probability to suffer from kennel cough. Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided with exercises or any sort of training but it sounds a lot worse than it actually is.

Consider it as a common cold. 

The best solution to this chronic cough is to give plenty of clean water, organic veggies, fruits, and good food. Also, keep a close eye on the calorie your dog is eating per day, once the antibiotics started. 

6- Diarrhea  

Another common health dog disease is diarrhea. It can happen because of a number of reasons like food poisoning, or even an allergic reaction to fruits or veggies. Sometimes a few chew toys can trigger an allergic reaction. 

Vomiting, stress, infections like parvovirus, intestinal parasites and etc can also be some of the causes too. Diarrhea can cause dehydration, so water intake for dogs is a must. If the condition persists, take your dog to the vet. 

It’s best to provide a stress-free environment for your dog. Avoid any sudden change in diet plan too. Sometimes rice water in the diet can help with the condition. 

7- Diabetes

Diabetes is a complex disease. Diabetes in dogs makes it twice as hard to treat. Your dog may either lack a hormone or may have an inadequate response to insulin. 

After eating, when the digestive system of your dog does not break the food component as it’s supposed to do, it causes big problems. When a dog’s body does not produce the insulin then the blood sugar elevates. Yes, it’s exactly similar to humans. 

If you notice vomiting, chronic skin infection, change in appetite, weight loss, cataract formation, etc. your dog is showing signs of diabetes. 

Some may require injections but spaying is usually recommended for females. 

8- Rabies 

A viral disease that affects a dog’s brain and spinal cord. They say if a rabid dog bites a human they die. It’s one of the most dangerous dog diseases. Perhaps the main reason it provokes fear in humans too. 

Sometimes a dog is fine but may immediately show signs of rabies if they had exposure to a rabid animal. Symptoms vary from animal to animal. But the usual signs in dogs include behavior changes, biting or snapping, attacking other animals, fever, hypersensitivity, hiding in dark places, paralysis of throat and jaw muscles are prominent. 

The virus can remain alive on a dog’s skin for two hours, so avoid touching your dog if you are suspicious. Take your dog to the vet in a dog crate for a rabies booster vaccine

9- Cancer 

If you thought your dog catching rabies is worse, then you cannot imagine even the dogs who suffer from cancer. Yes, even dogs can suffer from these self-destructive diseases. It’s best to take a second opinion. A veterinary oncologist is a person who treats cancer in dogs. 

Lumps, swelling, persistent sores, abnormal discharge from the body parts, bad breath, lethargy, black tarry stools, or difficulty breathing, are the major highlights of cancer in dogs

Running X-rays, ultrasound, blood evaluation, and other diagnostic tests are helpful to determine the reason behind cancer. Boxers, Boston terriers, and Golden Retrievers are the most prone breeds to cancer, unfortunately. 

The common treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, or sometimes a combination of therapies. 

10- Obesity

We all love feeding our dogs, but counting calories help to avoid this one problem that is the root cause of several other problems. 

Obesity is not to be treated lightly. If your dog is obese he has a higher chance of developing all sorts of heart diseases, kidney problems, and especially arthritis earlier. If your dog is overweight, speak with your vet. Make a proper feeding schedule for your dog that will help him stay healthy not gain weight. Also include certain exercises and playtime. 

Avoid sugary food, include fresh foods, or mix canned food with homemade food in the right quantities. 


Don’t mess up with your dog’s health. It is important to you know, it is understandable the above-mentioned dog health problems can be easily overlooked but now that you know make sure you take good care of your doggie. 

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