7 Must Have Dog Car Accessories for Comfortable Road Trip

An epic road trip with a dog is one of the best experiences any dog owner can ever have. For a change, you bring along your dog with you so that they can have fun too. Besides, leaving your pooch behind is too heartbreaking. So if you want to go on a road trip with your dog, you need to begin with the dog lessons right away to ensure they do not fidget or give you a hard time with it. A stress-free trip can only happen if you have the right dog car accessories for your dog. Pet travel essentials are a perfect means to enjoy a stress-free trip. 

Most dog owners who are new to the job may neglect this part. But let me tell you that dog car accessories play a more integral role to make your pet’s journey a lot easier. 

Essential Dog Car Accessories you Need to Include in your Checklist

People these days are more fond of their pets rather than with humans. The love you feel towards your dog is unconditional. Loving your pet means to take care of their necessities from the type of human food dogs can eat to the times you are training them to be a guard dog to pet travel. 

You need to spend a lot of time planning a trip with your dog. I suggest that you sit down and plan it the rational way like your trip’s timing and weather checking etc. 

If you want your dog to have a happy trip and not feel confused during the journey, buy these dog travel accessories that you can fit in your car. 

1. Dog Car Harness

You are driving smoothly when all of a sudden a truck overtakes your car. You have to press the brake so hard that it’s only the seat belt protecting you. But what about your dog?

Car collisions are common during a road trip. To avoid your dog from hurting during the collision buying a dog harness makes sense. If you have one already then it’s great but if not then it’s best you start looking for one. 

The dog harness is one of the most required dog car travel accessories to keep your dog safer during a road trip. Make sure the harness is breathable and made with durable material. It should not be a tight fight but comfortable. Also, make sure it has reflective strips and quick attachments to the car seat. 

2. Dog Booster Seats

Dog’s comfort should be the priority on the road trip. Another must-have necessity includes a dog booster seat. Imagine them similar to the baby car seat. These seats are made to make your pet more comfortable in the car. It is hard for dogs to remain stable for long. 

Dog booster seats are available in varying shapes and sizes. You can easily find them for small dog breeds to large dog breeds right away. For small dog breeds using a backless form is preferable. The dog booster seats look like a dog carrier but have soft bedding. 

3. Dog Seat Belt

Yes, that’s right guys. A precious dog car accessory is a dog’s seat belt. When you decide to carry your dog with you, you need to take care of the safety precautions right away. A seat belt can be attached to the dog harness. It will keep the dog safer and healthier in more than one way. 

The adjustable dog seat belts come in a number of varieties, sizes, and materials. So keep your dog allergies in mind when you are about to pick one.

 Why compromise the safety? 

4. Waterproof Car Seat Covers

When you buy a dog car seat, you need to buy dog car seat covers as well. This is more for the car’s cleanliness sake. If you are going on a long trip then you must know your dog will poop unless you know how to potty train your dog. But even then occurrences can happen. 

This is not the sole reason why you need to buy a waterproof car seat cover. You can also expect your dog to spill water or food while you are driving. So the best thing is to protect the car seats from any damage. 

This way you will just have to clean the liquid and the car seat will remain in good condition. No wear and tear!

5. Dog Bed

It’s easy to feel confused when packing for the dog. A dog seat is an essential item to add to your checklist. 

Although dogs are the best companions for a trip you need to keep their comfort in mind too. If you want to take some rest from driving and lower your seat even a little, keep the dog in mind too who is sitting in the back seat. Your dog can stretch easily if there is a dog bed. They can rest easy and may nap too. 

It must consist of linens and rugs to make it super comfortable. 

6. Dog Crate

Dogs love to roam outdoors but it does not necessarily mean they love a car ride. If you cannot leave your dog behind then carry a dog crate on such journeys. It is the safest way to travel with your dog in a car. 

For long trips using a dog, the crate is highly recommended. Because dogs have limited mobility inside the car, it can make them anxious or they can even harm themselves. The constant movements can otherwise do more harm. 

7. Spill-proof Dog Bowl

You can train your puppy however you want but why take the chance during a car ride? You need to buy a spill-proof dog bowl that is resistant to a bumpy ride.

You have to take care to make sure that these dog bowls are clean and hygienic too. They are deeper than the standard or regular dog bowls. 

You can easily put the dog food and water in the bowl and the chances of mess are less. 

So if you can take care of these dog car accessories you are one step ahead of packing the right way for an enjoyable road trip. 

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