4 Dog-friendly Cabin in the Woods to Enjoy this Summer

The best part of traveling with your dog is that you can plan a long stay even if it’s away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Sure there are a lot of places to visit within the city. When it comes to traveling and vacationing the US will never disappoint you. 

Sometimes traveling out of the way into the woods is just what you need.

Staying in a cabin is a phenomenal experience. It’s a lover’s experience. But this time this honeymooning phase is going to be with your favorite healthy and happy puppy pal

Exciting Cabin in the Woods you can Plan to Visit

I have to say, you have to plan things a bit differently when you plan a long weekend at the cabin in the woods. For a strong bonding session, a long stay in the cabin surrounded by nature is one of the exciting adventures you do not want to miss. 

Note: Before you can do that, even with your new guard dog you still have to give them proper training before you can even plan such a trip. Otherwise, instead of enjoying your dog might get sick or worse, accidents can happen. It’s easier to handle a trained dog for traveling. 

Once your dog is trained enough you can start looking for the cabins that allow pets like cats or dogs. The place must welcome dogs, not just allow them. It may be hard to find such areas but it’s not impossible!

From my years of experience, I have gathered there to be exactly 5 new pet-friendly cabins you can rent away. 

Occoneechee State Park Cabins—Clarksville

Maybe you want to start with the peaceful shores of Buggs Island Lake. If you do, then guys, Occoneechee State Park Cabins is the best bet. 

Why I love this place so much is that you get the choice to choose from 11 pet-friendly cabins and 2 larger lodges. Although the larger lodges are for a larger group (which is quite a given) so if you are just traveling with your dog then you will find a stay there a bit uncomfortable. But a family vacation with a dog is perfect for the larger lodges. 

With over 18 miles of trails, wind and forests along the lakeshores, you can also keep up with the regular dog exercises too! Vacation and dog health can go hand in hand here. 

Black’s Cliff Resort – Hazelhurst

Drive up to near Minocqua and you and your paw pal can enjoy an Up North getaway at the Black’s Cliff Resort. It is one of the oldest cabins in the US dating back to the 1920s, it overlooks the Lower Kaubashine Lake, and well when there’s a lake you got to have a cabin featuring screened-in porches. 

Also, amenities include swinging beds, stone fireplaces, and large fire pits! But at night it’s best to keep the dog on the leash and do not let them near the fire pit if being used. Plus, a private dock is dedicated to the dogs! (yay!) so your dog has the freedom to run and jump in the water as much as they want to. 

Relaxin Cabins  – New Lisbon

Wisconsin will never disappoint you when it’s about the fair price and a vacation. Plus bringing a dog along is not a problem at all!

Relaxin Cabins is one of the places just to be, on the way (at the entrance) you can stop at the gift shop, get your dog a dog treat. The cabins are tastefully decorated. Each one has its own private yard too with access to the pond and lake. So it allows the dogs to run at their full capacity even without a leash!

But still, remember to have a collar around your dog’s neck for their own safety. You can choose from 7 cabins that come in 4 different styles. Because pandemic has everyone worried so the owners have taken on full responsibility to maintain the social distancing between the guests! 

Autumn Ridge Cabin—Stanley

A pandemic may make you think double on your choice for even a cabin getaway since it’s the “hot vacation spot” these days. But for a remote getaway, Autumn Ridge Cabin is an epic outdoor adventure!

The cabins are located near Shenandoah National Park, which makes it an ideal choice for those who love to have a carefree travel experience with their dogs. 

Cabins are large enough to space up to 5 people (and with a queen bed!), full bed, sleeper sofa. On the backside, the views are totally breathtaking. The views of mountains surrounded by forests make for a perfect for hiking with dogs too. 

Want to enjoy a fully equipped kitchen for your privacy with your pal? Take a good look here, because the rental’s luxurious amenities also include the kitchen and charcoal grill to quench a grilling appetite too. 

It’s Amazing to plan a cabin getaway, right? Before you Travel Bring These Things Along

  • Water and food bowls (portable)with your dog food 
  • Do not forget to pack inside and outside dog toys for your dog
  • Bring the dog accessories and gear according to the weather
  • Always carry a pet travel bed 
  • Prepare a dog first aid-kit (it’s a must)

Most of the cabin owners are dog parents themselves, so they know what it feels like to be able to travel with your dog, take care of them while you both get to enjoy the summer days in the woods with lots of space to run around. 

Now you can plan your next pet-friendly adventure in the woods too! 

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