Dog Gear Guide: Choosing The Best Dog Harness in 2021

Collars can be a pain in the neck! Your dog is usually jumping or zigzagging and at times can try to wriggle their way out of their collar too. If you ever faced collar trouble raise your hands (know this I am raising mine). There’s a way to put a stop to this collar madness that’s why the dog harness was invented. It definitely makes things easier for you in terms of control and managing the dog.

 Even if your dog has perfect leash manners, once in a blue moon even they can act crazy. So using the best puppy harness is one of the most manageable ways to control your dog when stepping out under the sun. 

Time to Understand The Dog Harness

A dog’s parents, use dog collars for the sake of recognition and other safety concerns in case the dog gets lost right? But it’s just part of the essential dog gear you need to buy for training purposes that makes your life a lot easier. 

Contrary to the dog leash and collars, a dog harness is a more compatible option.

It’s a vest-like piece of equipment (looks rather similar to a halter) and is made from weatherproof materials. 

Nylon or mesh are the most common types of materials used to cover the underside of the dog’s chest. You can easily get hold of the best puppy harness from pet stores at varying prices. 

Are dog harnesses better than leashes?

Dog collars may put a strain on your dog’s neck but a well-designed harness eases the pressure and distributes it in a balanced way. 

If you want to manage and control a dog’s movements if he is being too excited then in that case, using a most comfortable dog harness is more than an acceptable option. I have used a dog harness to control my pet on several occasions….which worked perfectly fine for me especially on public occasions. 

  • Especially if you have a large dog (like I do) you’ll have more control over it when going out for a walk. 
  • Keep small dogs from being injured on pulling the leashes. 
  • A good training tool for the pup in initial training days and so on…you get the idea. 

How to Choose the Best Dog Harness For Your Puppy

How do I know what collar is right for my dog? Well, you need to keep a few factors in mind when choosing the best dog harness. 

  • Determine the purpose of using the dog harness. For me, it was all about making my dog comfortable but while I had the upper hand. You may want to consider the dog’s mobility, training, comfort zone, etc in mind. 
  • Pick a back clip harness. You can attach the leash to the top of the dog’s back so that you can make sure your dog remains cool and calm. 
  • Or select a front clip harness. If your dog is habitual of pulling this is another choice you can opt for. 
  • Pick the fabric type. You need to keep your dog allergies in mind. 
  • Bonus features. Some updated versions of dog harnesses have extended quality and features that vary from brand to brand. 

Type of Dog Harnesses: Styles and Benefits 

Now that you can keep the factors in mind, just think about the types of walks you go on to, the type of training you are into, and your pet’s breed in focus. Let’s take a look at different types of dog harnesses you can buy. 

1. Classic

A dog harness that comes with a strong webbing is a popular dog gear item. The classic harness is made out of sturdy plastics and has stainless-steel parts to hook the leash while also acting as the frame. Without a doubt, these are the best dog harness for large dogs. 

For instance, the Red Dingo Dog Harness was the prime choice for me – available in a variety of colors, made from strong nylon webbing and a stainless steel attachment ring. It’s the best option to go for. 

2. Front Clip

I did mention earlier, if your dog is a runner, get them a front clip harness. 2 Hounds Design Freedom is the best dog harness to stop pulling them on the leash or collar otherwise they’d been wearing. 

If you do get a front clip harness then remember it is used for two major reasons – durability and quality construction. When a dog constantly pulls at the leash it can snap or worse become a choking hazard too. Using a front clip dog harness means you can avoid a larger degree of catastrophe. 

3. Soft Vest

If you are looking for the most comfortable dog harness then a soft vest will do the trick for you.

You want your dog to be comfortable and not feel trapped in between unwanted gear, so using a flexible option is vital. When you are picking the dog harness remember that the material rubs against your dog’s fur that can become the cause of allergies or rashes in summer. Even using a soft vest dog harness you have to make sure it’s not killing your dog’s precious fur. For this purpose, you can try using a Frisco small breed soft vest. 

4. Travel Harness

After lots and lots of failures, I learned one thing for sure – travel harnesses are a real thing. They differentiate from the classic dog harness. When traveling you need to take your dog with you at times, so you’ll need to find the critical piece of equipment that will keep your dog’s movement on hold while you drive. 

What dog harness is best to stop pulling when traveling?

Kurgo Tru-Fit smart harness is one of the best dog harnesses to be found in pet stores. It’s a smart decision to secure your dog in the car, even if you are not driving. You don’t need a distraction when it comes to your dog and car safety. 

Dog Harness Safety Tips and Tricks 

Using a dog harness is super convenient for a lot of reasons. But if it can have a downside too if you are not being careful with the dog gears. You need to remember some safety precautions too. 

  • Take pup’s weight and height into account

You need to carefully measure the weight and height of your dog before buying a harness. So the best way to deal with this is to follow the size chart. 

  • Two-finger method 

To check the fit of the dog harness, despite a chart size, use a two-finger method to be sure that the dog gear is secure and neither too tight nor too loose. Otherwise even the most comfortable dog harness can irritate your dog.

  • Easy Sleeping

Always take off the vest before its bedtime for your dog. No matter how comfortable the dog harness might be, the body needs rest too. The harness could get caught into something or worse. 

  • The Harness must be Dry 

If the dog harness is wet or damp due to any reason, remove it immediately. A damp dog harness is uncomfortable for your pet and can even cause skin infection. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to buying a dog harness you must have an idea if your dog will be comfortable with the idea or not. Slowly transition them into getting used to different types of dog gear you will be using as your pup grows. Choosing the right dog harness can be a pleasurable experience so make a pick wisely. 

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