Dog Gear 2021: 6 Essentials for your Puppy you Need to Buy

Get ready for some rock and roll time with your dog. You love to take them out for a walk or on a ride in the car and all the activities as a dog owner you can think of. Who wouldn’t want that right? However, since the COVID-19 outbreak, the year’s been hard for the dogs and for those who wanted to adopt the dogs. Animal shelters are now almost fervently empty which is people have chosen the traditional way to get new puppies. 

Being cooped up for a long time alone during the lock down will get you thinking about the way you spend time alone. Instead getting a puppy is the most active and self-positive thing I did and I’m sure some of you did as well. Training your dog makes you spend the time well. But getting the dog gear is the thing you need to actually worry about. 
Most of you might agree that grooming a dog during the covid-19 has been tough and the dog gears you put on hold for so long were needed as an urgent matter.

Dog Gears Make Your Life Easier

Okay so here’s the real deal; dog gadgets are pretty awesome. If you are an expert dog owner you cannot deny the remarkable ways the right dog gears, once bought, can make your life easier but the training and grooming are easier too.

It can be confusing a lot of what to buy and not buy. I have been through this dilemma and honestly don’t’ want any of you to go through that. So I have compiled a list of the top ten essential dog gears you will need to buy.

1. Collar or Leash 

The first and foremost thing you need to buy or should have one already (in case you had the dog before) is the collar and leash for your dog. Imagine the collars as the dog’s identity card. You can buy from the market or order online from various brands and in unique styles. Mostly every other collar is the same with just minor practical differences.  

I tried Lupine, a New Hampshire-based company, that produces the most colorful and sleek styled collars.  At one point I also tried Ruffwear, as most of you might be familiar with the brand. The quality gear it sells is quite good. 

Try using their loose-leash when training your pup for the walk. 

2. Harnesses

The utter sense of control comes with the right harness. In case you are unaware, there are two different types of dog harness you need to buy. 

The one is used as the “seat belt” that you can attach to the car set for your dog. While driving this is helpful as you are not distracted by any sudden movement of the dog. So to avoid accidents just because you happened to have your dog in the car with you. You will find a lot of strong sellers in the market claiming safety but Kurgo is a tried and tested brand for the dog’s harness. 

The second type of harness you will require while walking your dog. It’s adjustable and attached to the dog collar. They are lightweight and easy to direct the dog’s desire to walk or even have a short run. You can get Kurgo’s Walkabout Harness specific for training purposes. 

3. Dog’s Car Seat Cover

So, planning that rock and roll road trip with a dog might sound fun but only possible when you get the Ruffwar Dirtbag. Using a car seat cover is the only way of protecting the car seats. Precise ways to clean and wash are easy to use for the longer term. 

Now most models have the four fast buckle loops for the headrest but you can find some models with the zipper option. 

The option to use the dirtbag is always workable in your favor. They come with the designed features like three rods stickable into the cervice, the back of the seat. It helps to keep them in place, is also waterproof and durable. It’s one of the best dog gears to get. 

4. Dog Bed

Who doesn’t want a bed? Even your dog needs one that personally is suitable to put either in your home or office. West Paw maybe will provide you with the answer for the super comfy beds. If you share the concern about the material the bed is made from then you can know for certain that the best choice is the West Paw. Their safety track record was enough for me to know the materials used to make the bed were not dubious at all. 

You might be questioning the choice as most products are China-based but honestly, why put your dog under the tragedy of the poor bed? You can even get a hand-sewn bed for your dog. Since the pandemic crisis has led to a disrupted supply chain. 

5. Furniture Protectors

Protecting your car seat with covers is one thing, but you need to do the same with your home too. Orvis is yet another brand you need to add to your essential list of dog gears to buy the covers for chairs, couches, and so on. Now you can take the measurements of the furniture and buy the cover that fits best. For young dogs who are currently under training will chew the furniture or anything they find worth chewing. So during the house-training, it is a good choice to use the furniture protectors for both of your sakes. 

The furniture protectors are essentially easy to clean and remove. You can buy cheap ones too if you are unlikely to spend much on them. 

6. Dog Toys

You are a person with a job. Therefore spending time with your dog is possible because of the covid-19 but during normal times, this wasn’t the case. Even now when WFH is a constant pressure you need to keep your dog busy meanwhile. So did you think to buy some of the latest dog toys?

So neglecting dog toys are like neglecting their part-time self-enjoyment. I would say to get an Aussie Naturals for their high durability and quality for the toys for dogs. They are made out of jute, wool, cotton, or sometimes coconut fiber which promotes the echo-sustainable footprint too. A dog bone, chewing stick, gnaw ball, etc. are just a few dog toys to name that you can buy to keep your dog. 

So it’s best for you to start buying from the very basic dog gears you will need if you still haven’t bought them now is your chance to do so. 

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