Good vs Bad: What Human Food can Dogs Eat

Food is a basic necessity. But humans and dogs metabolize foods according to their digestive systems. We know our dogs love the homemade treats we make them. They include the veggies and fruits from time to time with the canned food. But what human food can a puppy eat? This question comes across every dog owner’s mind and to be honest we are too cautious to experiment with the sensitive tummies of our pets. 

There are certain human foods dogs can eat. Sure. But are all of them safe for them to eat? Probably not? Can you differentiate the good and bad human food for dogs? 

Hard to say?

This article is your home guide for the best foods your dogs can and cannot have. So all the dedicated dog lovers you will enjoy reading this one. 

Let’s take a look. 

What Human Food is Good for Dogs (The Good Side of the Platter)

Dog’s metabolism works differently so our most favorite recipes may cause food poisoning or lead to diarrhea in dogs too. So you have to be super careful with what you put in the bowl. Fruits and vegetables are the two most common choices and the safest food choices for dogs. But there are other food items dogs can easily eat.

Feeding dogs human food can be actually a good idea as some missing nutrients can do the job to keep your dog healthy and happy. 

So here are the best picks so far (tried and tested) over the years. 


A big yes! I know we covered this one already but carrots are either raw or cooked, these are as good as any veggies. A good source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Nutritionally they represent a healthy snack ingredient. 

They can be chopped into bite-size items but not small enough or your dog will literally choke on them. If you want your dog to avoid dental problems a.k.a “doggie breath” this is one home remedy you can try. 

But do consult with your vet about the quantity you can include in the diet. 


Dismissing the myth of cholesterol, eggs make an excellent human food dog can eat in breakfast too alongside you. 

The amino acids are an essential protein for production, building muscle and tissue repair. Especially if your dog is training as a guard dog he will need his dose of calcium too. You can also grind the eggshells and feed the dog for extra strength for bones and teeth. 


Small amounts of brain white bread are also good to go as human food. It is a safer option too. It necessarily doesn’t have any health benefits for the dog but it won’t hurt your dog either. Hoover bread is zipped on carbohydrates and calories. 

It’s better to give your dog homemade bread rather than a store-bought as it contains artificial flavors too. 


Yes, please! But only in moderate quantities. In case your dog is lactose intolerant it can cause gas troubles for your furry friend otherwise. 

Cheese is a great snack ingredient. Since a lot of varieties are available, you can choose a cheese high in fat or lower in fat like mozzarella or cottage cheese. 

White Rice 

If your dog has an upset stomach, then you can add cooked plain white rice to settle the problem. White rice is easy to digest and also helps the dog with stool. 

Vets sometimes also suggest using rice water in dog food for a similar purpose. But in case if your dog has diabetes then using small amounts of white rice or blood sugar levels can elevate. 

Peanut Butter

In moderate amounts, it is considered to be a safe and healthy option as human food for dogs! Surprised? I was too when the vet gave me a head up. But it’s best to keep the intake in check. 

Peanut butter is high in fat and calories which means it can quickly add to your dog’s weight. Even if you add peanut butter to doggie cookies make sure to use enough to not add to his weight. Besides it also contains salt too so do not be over-excited with this one. 


Cooked? Yes. 

Boneless? Yes. 

Safe and healthy? Yes! 

Then it’s all good to go for your dog. Salmon is expensive but it’s also one of the healthy human food for your dog. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it reduces inflammation, helps with dog’s skin too. Also, it keeps the fur velvety! 

But do avoid feeding raw salmon at all costs! It can lead to food poisoning otherwise. 


Well, popcorns can be the occasional treats, for your dogs as they already contain too much salt. Butter and oil are other common ingredients used. So if popcorns are consumed in large amounts can lead to pancreatitis dogs. 

So the best thing is to use air-popped popcorn. Make sure they are fully popped kernels or can become a choking hazard. 

What Food Dog cannot Eat

Were you feeling happy? Yes, well, now you need to see the other side of the platter too. There are some human food dogs cannot eat sadly. 

Some items on the list may surprise you.


The toxic substances, methylxanthines, can literally stop the dog’s metabolism. It can also cause diarrhea and vomiting. 


These are not 100% toxic to dogs like macadamia nuts but can affect the esophagus and damage the windpipe if not chewed properly. 


It may add flavor to your recipe but unfortunately not for dogs. It can cause anemia, increased heart rate, weakness, or even collapse of the heart!

Ice Cream

Because it contains high amounts of sugar, it shouldn’t be shared with the dog. Also, frozen chunks of milk, berries, or pineapples are an extra sweet icy treat for the dog. 

Coffee or Tea

Highly dangerous to dogs if consumed even in small quantities. It stimulates the dog’s nervous system and can lead to hyperactivity, vomiting, seizures, or even tremors. 


Even these are not safe for your dogs. They contain myristicin which is toxic to dogs. It can cause dry mouth, stomach pains, disorientation, and increased heart rates among the most noticeable symptoms. 

Even if you can follow this list of common safety food items for dogs, you will save yourself loads of trouble in the future. With time we will keep adding more items to the list, so stay tuned.

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