10 Most Trainable and Smartest Dog Breeds

Mirror, mirror on the wall,Who is the smartest of them all?”


Dogs are indeed one of the smartest of creatures. Their sense of emotion, sensitivity to pick things from a distance, and amazing reflects make us believe how much dogs are capable of. When it comes to loyalty and friendliness none can compete for any for sure. But it’s true, that there are some of the most intelligent dog breeds to exist as compared to their respective fellows. Before you start arguing over which dog breed has the smarts wits, you need to consider some of the attributes that qualified a dog as an “intelligent dog”.

Qualities to Look for in a Smart Dog Breed

The ability to adapt, level of obedience, and natural instincts are what make a dog smart. Some of the breeds are more social while some of them are emotionally dependent on their owners. These dogs are easier train and usually are seen to have fast reflexes 

Some dogs biologically are born to lead; they are quicker and can perform certain daunting tasks more easily than the rest.  Such dogs are easier to train and have shown quick reflexes too which add up as a bonus for their intuitiveness.  For instance, hounds are not receptive but they do have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, and so on. 

IQ Level in Dogs

IQ level will always vary when it comes to dogs. Sometimes small dog breeds are most intelligent due to their keen hearing or sense of smell. Sometimes a large dog breed learns a command quicker that makes him most useful in certain cases. 

Keep in mind some dogs are most good for companionship while some are bred for the purpose of hunting or training. According to the purpose of adaptation, the IQ level clearly stands no standard ground rules.

Naming the Most Intelligent Dogs

So if you want to choose a dog that is intelligent and within its right senses, we have listed some of the top smart dogs of all breeds sized down below. 

1. Border Collie

One of the best medium but smart dog breeds, the Border collie is marvelous. Usually used as the herders these dog breeds quickly learn the commands and listen to you 95% of the time.  commonly found in England, you will find some of the cute pups in the US too. They are determined highly intelligent with boundless energy and stamina. 

2. Gordon Setter

Again hailing from England and also Scotland, the Gordon setters are considered to be a royal breed of dogs.  According to the American Kennel Club, they are known for reliability, memory, and stamina to out due to the diring situations. Of course, their intelligence to pick up the commands is something to marvel at. 

3. Welsh Terrier

An intelligent small dog breed must have the name Welsh terrier for all the good reasons. Their decision-making abilities and hunting tactics are challenging even for the hunters themselves.  This unique breed of terriers is fiercely loyal and protective too which is further polished with good training. 

They are most adaptable under the new circumstances and keen on their hunting reflexes too. 

4. German Shepherd

As an intelligent large dog breed, German Shepherds are the most preferred dog by the navy, police, and as guard dogs. Even at the airports for they are used as the Seeing Eye dog, or can also be trained as medical assistance dogs and therapy dogs too. 

The strength of their obedience and training are the two major qualities that highlight them as one of the smartest dogs. 

5. Golden Retrievers

Of course, the medium-large dog breeds are the ideal dog breeds because of their friendliness and obedience retrievers are among our top 5 smart dogs because of their hunting skills, socialism, quick to adapt commands, and a heightened sense of smell.

Initially bred as a hunting dog, retrievers are cozy as a family dog too; their ability to detect emotion makes them remarkably an intelligent breed of dogs. 

6. Old English Sheepdog

I have to say, these are one of my favorites large dog breeds. They are highly known for their sociable attitude, good nature and not to forget capable watchdogs too. These qualities outdo any other dog breed for their age and size. 

With the urge to protect and defend their territory, they are quick to learn and easy to go with the breed. But yes without companionship they can become destructive. 

7. Bernese Mountain Dog

Easy to train, Bernese Mountain dogs are a sensitive but smart breed of medium-sized dogs. Although they resist any harsh training, if taught well under different circumstances, they one of the coolest and easiest dog breeds to train

They are perfectly friendly and tend to have similar qualities like that of a golden retriever. 

8. Papillon

Now, this is a surprise entry in our list for the smart dog breeds 2020 as Papillon has a strong history of being connected to the royal family. Being a smart small dog breed, Papillion is really good at coordination and everything sports. They fun to play with and their brisk speed makes them a healthy companion for outdoor activities too. 

They tend to enjoy all weathers, and their level of adeptness may put other dog breeds to envy. 

9. Doberman Pinscher

Don’t let the black coat of fur fool you into fear but know that Dobermans are fierce protectors and quite easy to train too. With their natural instincts, they have shown a high level of intelligence for a large dog breed towards their owners. They just love to run around the household, are extremely active and quick to respond. 

Their keenness to do physical activities makes them exemplary for training and making them learn the basic commands to some outfield training. 

10. Australian Shepard

You will love everything about this dog breed. They are smart animals who thrive in physical endurance, can be extremely funny, hardworking, and yet friendly when they have to be. 

They are full of sensible emotions and herd everything they set their eyes on! Hence the IQ level of an Australian Shepard can is qualitative to its emotions and behavior. 

Each dog is unique, lovable, and makes us learn much throughout our lifespan as dog owners. So do you have any of these smart dog breeds at home?

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