6 Pet-friendly Vacation Spots to Visit this Summer 2021

A vacation is supposed to be fun, full of adventure and memories. The biggest drawback of the last year, the insincere novel Coronavirus, made us stall all traveling plans. Even your poor little dog felt a bit down, didn’t he? I know my Doberman was tired of the backyard. Thankfully with the arrival of 2021, new travel plans are in action. Since summer is just on the horizon, I thought this is the best time to come up with the frolicking destination you can plan to visit! 

Traveling with your dog especially since the threat of a pandemic is not over yet, means extra care for yourself and your dog. But hey! It’s about time you make a list of vacation spots. 

Cheers to Dog-Friendly Vacationing in the USA

This time, it’s best not to leave your dog behind, but to take him with you. For this, you have to be fully prepared. Especially about eating habits. Traveling can mess up the eating pattern big time!!!

You have to take care of the calorie intake of your dog even during travel. No excuses! 

Don’t fret – bring the right essentials, dog vitamin, and treats with you, so that the sense of home lingers along. 

Once you start the travel spree you and your bud will have lots of fun on the road visiting new places. So are you ready to add new locations? Here we go!

Bend, Oregon 

A city surrounded by national forests, alpine lakes, and extinct volcanoes, it’s a heaven for outdoor travelers. If your dog is an outstanding walker, you can go for a refreshing walk alongside the Deschutes River. A trail is made just for the purpose. Or you can try the Farewell Bend Park path. 

There are also plenty of water fun activities too like Tumalo Creek Kayak and Canoe. If you have a large dog breed that is brilliantly trained, you can take a serious hike too. 

Sedona, Arizona

Before it gets any hotter, you can plan a visit to Slide Rock State Park. What I absolutely love about the 43-acre  area is that it’s located just outside the city by the Coconino National Forest. The place has always been a popular traveling spot for the iconic red rocks, Ponderosa Pine Forests, and alpine tundra. 

The hiking trails are really suitable for dogs. You can sign up for pet-friendly tours including backpacking, camping trips, visits to Indian ruin sites, and Canyon tours. 

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

An oceanfront spot is always an ideal vacation place for a pet for plenty of reasons. Dogs love to run along the beach. Besides the Kiawah Island, golf excursions are mind-blowing too. Because you are on the beach site, a leash on a dog is required usually but you can then roam free from November 1 through March 15 leash-free! So if you want to, you can plan a visit before the due date. 

Another plus point about the island is the excursions. At the Charleston Farmers Market, Waterfront Park, and the historic district, you can take your dog alongside easily. 

Sanibel Island, Florida

One island after the other, Florida is a no-miss-kind-of-a-place. Famous for the breathtaking Gulf Coast sunsets, seashells, and beach house rentals, your dog will be happy here. 

Bowman’s Beach is a pup-friendly palace and so is the Lighthouse Park Beach and Tarpon Bay Road Beach. 

Enjoy with your dog a Wildlife Drive tour through the mangrove forest, head out for brunch to Over Easy Cafe on Island Cow. they even let the dogs have the doggie cinnamons! 

Bar Harbor, Maine

Something for everyone right? That’s how it works in Maine. With the mountains, sea, and action-packed downtown, your dog will have loads of fun and so will you. The Acadia National Park is at least a 50 square miles fun pack of mountains, lakes, hiking, and well, of course, the biking trails. 

The view is completely picturesque and the big surprise is here (drum roll please….)

The park is open to dogs!

There are local pet shops in Bar Harbor from where you can buy unique treats too which is pretty amazing I must say. 

Lake Placid, New York

Forget the horror movie if you saw it. Lake Placid is the perfect setting for vacationing with your dog. Set up in Adirondack Mountain it’s an outdoor adventure that you don’t want to miss in any season. Whether it’s skiing, biking, fishing, or hiking. It’s an all-rounder kind of trip. 

But since it’s not only about you, the place also welcomes well-trained dogs too. The beautiful waterfront and mountains are perfect for a cozy night with your dog and a bonfire. A 2.7-mile paved trail is just right by the Mirror Lake you can stroll up to. There are several shops you will get to visit too. 

Never Stop Making the List!

Once you start making the list for the spots you want to visit this summer, I guarantee you will keep adding to the locations. The best thing is to start from the nearest destination to your hometown so that you can plan easier routes. Now off you go! woof!

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I am William. I hail from Toronto, Canada. I am a pet lover and a travel enthusiast with an avid likeness towards expressing my experiences. I am an entrepreneur as a professional who'd like for people to benefit from my experiences and grow manifolds.