8 Interesting Pointer Dog Breeds for a Good Hunt

The love for hunting caused an adrenaline rush to your body. The same goes for the pointer hunting dog accompanying you on your hunting journey for a good ol’ turkey or a deer. Being a hunting dog owner, you ought to have the best pointer dog for small hunts. 

But what are the pointers?

Bred for years, the pointers are one of the oldest dog breeds used for hunting purposes. Well, as you can possibly guess, they are named “pointers” as they find the location of the small hunts (birds) after they are shot down. The high level of intelligence and the versatility in the open field is what gave them the worthy title. Even some of the pointer dogs also make up as a friendly family dog too. 

But which breeds are the best of all? How are they different from one another? Down below is the list of best pointer dog breeds, so let’s start investigating, shall we?

Investigate the Best Types of Pointing Dog Breeds for Hunting Season

Unlike the other hunting dogs like retrievers, a pointer is all about fetching or flushing the prey instead of catching the prey. With the help of their strong muzzle, they direct the hunter in the right direction. So if you want a good hunting assistant at hand on your hunting spree you can choose either one of the following pointer dogs. 

1. Bracco Italiano

The breed’s roots date as far as the 5th century for Bracco Italiano. Also known as the Italian Pointer, they are one of Europe’s oldest pointers. Not surprisingly, back in the 20th century, a dedicated breeding program was established. The Bracco breed found its way all over Europe and regions of the US too. 

Therefore, they are known as reliable and incredibly more docile than other pointer breeds. The most prominent characteristic is their gentleness, they are also affectionate and athletic in nature. 

Major Features: short, dense, a glossy coat, drool a lot

2. English Setter

English Setter Secrets

Usually gentle but also known as one of the best pointing dog breeds in the US, English Setters are excellent in the open field. 

They are highly energetic and love the outdoors. Their cool and calm nature makes them the best-hunting dogs so far. Due to increased stamina and will to run they flush the prey into a corner rather easily than other pointers. 

They have a highly textured silky coat that varies in length with the base color as white. Once they mature into an adult their coat color changes. So, if you happen to find them, you will love them instantly. 

Major Features: mischievous, sociable, willful 

3. Irish Setter

This group of the setter is known from their main homeland i.e. Britain. One could say they are the mildest setter breeds to ever exist. But surprisingly going against their nature they are superb pointers. Although they are too easy-going with the strangers for the liking of a hunter, they do tend to catch attention. 

But if you do want to choose them as a pointer hunting dog, what you need to do is give them the scent and they will track the prey for you. 

Exclusively used as pointers, they are also used as therapy dogs for the elderly too. Their calming demeanor makes them welcoming hence the reason why people like this breed so much. Irish setters best thrive off of the human companionship they come to adore so much either it’s inside the house or in the woods. 

Major Features: loving, easy-going, alert

4. Spinone Italiano

Spinone Italiano Secrets

A second Italian breed, alongside the Bracco Italiano, that makes up for an excellent pointer is the Spinone Italiano. The dog, in original, hails from the Piedmont region, that’s how they got their name. 

The large pointing dog breed and despite their large size, are great pointers. To use a Spinone as a pointer, you need to start training them at an early age or they can be stubborn at times. One of the physical attributes is the thick coarse fur that protects them against the harsh hunting terrain. Sadly, the breed is almost extinct after the World Wars. 

It’s one of a kind, a rare pointing breed currently. 

Major Features: muscular, powerful, and square-built 

5. Vizsla

Vizsla Secrets

Belonging from a Hungarian origin, Vizsla’ is a magnificent pointer. They have great endurance, thus quite a contributing factor to be the best pointing dogs.  Being an invaluable asset to the hunters, they are highly prized and quite adaptable to the new environment. 

Another reason why hunters prefer them is their ability to run and hunt for long hours. Vizsla for sure has a big heart and willingness to do anything. But if they are separated from their owners for long, they tend to develop anxiety and stress. 

Major Features: athletic, well portioned, muscular 

6. Small Munsterlander

Small Munsterlander Secrets

Looking for a small pointing dog? A Small Munsterlander can be your first pick for the day. even with their small size, their pointing instincts are at the best. Unlike other dogs, they love the idea of getting wet and are used to prey on the ducks and other small birds. 

Their high energy and enthusiasm to get around is remarkably fun as it meets the hunting requirements. A Munsterlander is trained properly before the hunting season and with their strong sense of hunt, they easily incline toward honing their hunting skills as a pointer. 

Another major attribute is they are also known for their good social demeanor is what makes them ideal for adults and kids too. 

Major Features:  confident, trainable, and adaptable 

7. Weimaraner

The unique grey color gives Weimaraner a distinct edge as a pointer. Also known as the “Grey Ghost” they do actually have the ability to tiptoe closer to their prey without getting noticed. Their sharp wits and astounding stamina makes them highly versatile. 

Besides hunting prey, being a pointer they are highly energetic and always ready to play for long hours. The high level of endurance keeps them healthy and fit with the proper exercises. Usually, they are loners, a unique trademark for Weimaraner; they prefer to spend hours in the woods.  

Anything from a small size to medium one, they chase and catch them. They love the thrill of the hunt and if they have to wait, they do so ever so patiently. 

Major Features: elegant, powerful, outgoing 

8. Pudelpointer

So, this one may not be the first pick on the list, but hear us out when we say a Pudelpointer is a good chaser and a distinct pointer. 

People didn’t use to believe in their hunting skills but recently, most hunters have realized the stronger trait of Pudelpointer is to retrieve and point towards the prey. They have the natural enthusiasm to hunt smaller prey, both on land and water.  Running at a high speed makes them an ideal choice to meet your hunting desire. 

Now, they are quite popular in the US, trained from a young age. They love both, the indoors and outdoors.   As long as their breeding continues, soon it will rank among the top five-pointer dogs. 

Major Features: speedy, good instincts, endurance 

Which pointer is your pick of the day?

Some pointer dog breeds will remain smarter than the others, but who knows one day the record is broken and a surprising name pops on the top of the list of pointing dogs? Depending on the type of hunt you want to do, terrain and other requirements choose the pointer dog accordingly. Let the hunting season begin!

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