Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform our readers about informational details and the best way they can use the information. This statement is only applicable to this website. 

What information do we collect and how is it used by us?

  • Voluntarily submitted information to the website: personal information may be collected from you like your name and email address. In the case you leave the comment, subscribe to a newsletter, or fill a form, we may ask you to sign it through a profile.
  • Other sources of information: information from other sources may be receivable. For instance, if you use a third-party software through a site, they may automatically transfer the information to us for fulfillment. 
  • Cookies: Using cookies, which are small data files stored by the Website on your computer, we can log information. In order to provide you with a more personalized website experience, we can use both session cookies that expire when you close your browser and persistent cookies which remain on your browser until deleted.

How can your data be used?

  • The collected information can be used in any of the following ways;
  • To maintain and operate the website
  • For your account, to identify you as a user of the website or to customize your account for the website 
  • To send and share promotional information (like newsletters)
  • To send the administrative communication 
  • To respond to your comments or questions 
  • To provide user support 
  • To support, track and maintain advertising on the website 
  • To track, protect and investigate any unauthorized/illegal activity on the website

Usage of personal information by third parties

Furthermore, the website can use various aspects of the website from third-party service providers. The use of your personal information is determined by your respective privacy policy by each third-party service provider.


The website uses cookies to save user habits, to record information unique to users about the sites that users view or visit, to ensure that visitors do not frequently send the same banner ads, to personalize Website content depending on the type of browser the visitor provides or other information. Third-party providers can also use cookies.

By using corresponding web browser settings, users can at any time, prevent the setting of cookies on the website and thus reject the setting of cookies permanently. In addition, cookies already identified may at any time be removed using an internet browser or other program. In all popular internet browsers, this is possible. However, not all functions on our Website may be completely available if users disable the setting of cookies in your internet browser.

Advertising to Display Ads 

When you visit the web and use cookies, we can use third-party advertising companies to serve content and advertisements. The website advertisers do not exchange information that is personally identifiable.

Remarketing the Ads 

On occasion, the Website can make remarketing efforts in order to promote the Website, with third-party companies like Google, Facebook, or Instagram. These businesses use cookies for advertisements on the basis of previous website visits.

Any Query 

In case of any additional query, you may contact us at [email protected] for any further information.