6 Epic Tips for a Memorable Road Trip with your Dog

Planning a road trip with your dog is the most amazing thing. It’s not only the idea of hitting the road but loads of memories you make with your pet that lasts for the last time. If your dog has travel anxiety it can be a problem for you to plan a road trip but once you overcome the situation, nothing can stop you! 

Since the weather is quickly taking a turn for good (hopefully) you can expect longer days, with bright sunny days ahead. So yes, that’s right, summer is right around the corner. But to embark on a successful journey with your dog you need to plan things through to ensure a great vacation for yourself and for your four-legged friend.

Tips to Remember for every Road Trip with your Paw Bud 

There are no hard and fast rules to planning a perfect road trip with your dog. But in case you are planning to travel with too young puppies or a senior dog, then you have to take extra precautions so that the road trip remains undisturbed. 

It suffices to say that traveling with pets is not easy. Your dog can become car sick despite the best efforts too. 

It’s best to consider the following tips to make your travel arrangement a lot easier and smoother. 

1- Always do your Research 

Plan everything. This goes without saying. From the route you want to drive on, to the number of rest stops you have to take to the destination you want to stay. Everything should revolve around one focal point – your dog. 

Because you want this to be a pet-travel adventure so prepare things ahead of time. Call the hotel to ensure pets are allowed and facilitated. The more research you do the better. 

2- Vaccinations

When traveling with puppies, it’s a wise decision to get them vaccinated first. If they are going to be on a road trip for the first time, it’s best to wait for the prescribed time period until all their vaccinations are completed. 

But you have to make sure that your puppy is at least 14 weeks old. If a little younger than you can wait a bit longer until they reach a proper age otherwise it’s just going to be a nuisance. 

Besides, once your puppies are vaccinated, there’s nothing much you can do but wait. While you do that, house train them! 

3- Shorter Trips

Is it your first road trip with a dog? Then I would suggest making it a shorter trip. Not only for your dog’s sake but also for yours. Traveling with a dog has its trolls. So you can plan a weekend at a camp or if you are skeptical about the idea then plan a day out and about. Travel around all day and you will know what the fuss is all about. 

An ideal short trip must be someplace fun and full of entertainment. Beaches, water parks, even walking trails at less than 2-hour distance are good ideas, to begin with. 

4- Dog Essentials

A road trip with a dog means your pet will be in a confined space for a few hours with limited space. So how is it different than being inside a dog crate? Car is moving, and that will make the whole difference. You need to take care of the dog essentials for the road trips. Dog crates, dog car seat, blanket, chew toys, water, and food bowls, harness and etc every item of personal belonging needs to be in the car. 

Safety comes first, so you should be fully prepared. 

5- ID Tag

Another safety precaution you need to add is to update the ID tag on your dog’s collar. In case your dog gets lost on the trip (hypothetically speaking) you would want to find him as soon as possible right? So an updated ID tag will help a lot in this matter. You can even install a tracker and have an app installed on your mobile phone. 

This may cost you a buck but hey! When it comes to your dog anything goes. Besides, do list emergency contact numbers on the tag so that whoever finds your dog before you do can call on the given number. 

6- Pit Stops 

Your dog needs more rest stops than you do. Despite all the potty training, your dog is still a dog! Don’t be too hard on your poor fella. It’s best to take rest stops at equal intervals so that your dog can relieve himself. Also before the road trip, you need to train them so that they feel comfortable in unfamiliar territory. 

Plus let them walk for a few minutes too as positive reinforcement, reward them with a treat for their good behavior. 

There’s nothing like too many tips!

The list is never-ending when it comes to road trips and dogs but if you begin by following these, your travel journey will become a lot easier. 

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