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The Dog Secrets is an open platform for all those who love their pets. We have interesting bits of pieces to share with our fellow readers, thanks to our expert advice on all dog secrets. A healthy dose of information is an eye-opener for many dog owners. 

So, readers are encouraged to share their side of fun and informational stories, their experiences as a new or experienced dog owner.  Because as a growing community of dog lovers, compassion for dogs can make the lives of many fellow owners easier and of course, the dogs are none the happier too!

We try our best to keep up with the pet stories consistently which is why you are more than welcome to join our platform and write for us to publish your stories about the dog(s). 

All you need to do is follow the simple requirements. 

Dog Secrets We Love to Spill 

  • Dog care tips (guidelines on safety, training, or just surprise us!)
  • Motivational pet stories 
  • Wellness guide for dogs
  • Best treats for your puppies 
  • Dog Training 
  • Travel stories with your paw partner 
  • Humor us with creative listicles  

Article Tone must be;

  • Casual 
  • Easy to understand
  • Passionate about your dog
  • Set the optimistic point of view on how to take care of the dog(s)

Suggestions to Follow

  • Use of short paragraphs is preferred 
  • Avoid mouthful sentences
  • Use expressive headers and subheaders
  • The message must be clear 
  • Plagiarism free content  

Content Tips to Follow 

  • Use captivating and engaging headlines 
  • The intro should be brief and must give a clear insight into the topic 
  • Content must be original 
  • A useful external link is allowed like vet recommendations or statistical information or recent news (only one)
  • For medicinal facts provide the resource reference
  • Provide us your short bio (50-100 words) 

Note: Content submission does not mean a guaranteed published post. However, on receiving an engaging dog story, one of the team members will be in touch with you. Once the content is submitted, it will be the property of The Dog Secrets. Our editors will have the right to authorize the use of the article as they deem fit best for The Dog Secrets readers. Any advertising content will be paid (See the Privacy Policy)