Dog Guide 101: Revealing the Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Kids love to have pets. Especially if the pet is a dog, you will see them spending time with them a lot. There are certain child-friendly dog breeds that show great potential to become a part of the family. Most families prefer to have smaller breeds as they are easier to handle but some prefer to have medium-sized dogs too. There are certain factors that affect the decision making like a dog must have obedience training, the age and size matters alongside the breed of dogs. 

A toddler can be knocked over by a larger breed who may not know its size. Or bigger kids can give a tough time with a small breed dog which is why you need to be substantial about your choice. 

3 Most Child-Friendly Dog Breeds for Kids of all Age 

There are several dog breeds labeled as the best dogs for kids. You need a dog with your family that is intelligent, has a good temperament, and not so jumpy. Now keeping certain characteristics in mind, we have divided the best dog breeds for kids according to their size. 

1. Best Small Dog for Kids

Best Small Dog for Kids

There are tons of small dogs that can make up for the best choice for kids. Small dog breeds do not take up much space either, which makes them a great choice for a budgeted household too. 

a. Bichon Frise

Small in size they are but packed with loads of personality. From a distance, they might look like a cloud thanks to their white fur. Bichon Frise is social butterflies, easy to love and they adapt to a household quicker because of their friendly nature. 

Their friendly nature makes them an excellent choice for kids. Plus if you wanted a hypoallergenic dog for kids, Bichon Frise is the right choice. 

b. Bolognese

Similar to Bichon Frise, Bolognese is an easy-to-go-around dog for kids.  If kids are playing or making extreme noises, Bolognese will jump right in with them! Many households claim that Bolognese loves the attention they get by doing all the funny things. They embrace the household the way it is; either noisy or quiet. 

c. Boston Terrier

An ideal pup that loves to socialize with kids and other pets is the Boston Terrier. They are small in size, hairy, and cuteness overload. They are easy to train, which is why kids will love to play with them. To keep them fit and healthy Terriers need a fair amount of exercise and are known as one of the most durable dog breeds for kids.

d. Beagle

If you got a clever kid, then get him/her a cleverer dog. Beagles are known to be super friendly but clever too. Since they are quite small in size, they are the perfect fit for kids of all ages. A fully trained Beagle is as good as a hound, their sense of loyalty outsmarts the other smaller breeds and they easily bond with a child. 

Although Beagle may not be the best choice for an infant because they bark loudly but for a bit older kid it’s a fun pet. 

e. German Spitz

With all due respect, this may not be the first choice for kids because of the long fur but German Spitz is a stunner. With their foxlike resemblance, they are super cute and small in size. Because of their easy-going nature (nothing on the wild side) they easily adapt to the new environment and are friendly to new faces too. So if you got a kid who is not so social, German Spitz can keep him/her great company. 

2. Super Cute Medium-sized Dog for Kids

Medium-sized Dog for Kids

When kids are transitioning into a teenager, the shift in emotions is quicker. To help your kid transition from being a small child into teens, you can accompany them with medium-sized dog breeds. According to one study teens are said to have a profound love for dogs or pets in general. So from our observation, we have picked the following contenders.

a. Labs

One of the most popular medium-sized dog breeds is the Labradors. They are an amazing family pet and suitable for kids of all ages! Their kind nature towards kids and safety hinge sight is what makes them a suitable choice for the household. 

Labs are quite protective of their owner so rest assured if anyone tries to bully your kid, they will protect them. So yes, I would definitely recommend labs as a reliable choice dog for kids. 

b. Pugs

And they have every right to be. They are simply wonderful with the kids, and kids adore the species. Their skin is thicker than the other dog breeds and a concave face literally gives them puppy face even in their adult age. 

Pugs are entertainers and very accepting towards their owners. They don’t bark needlessly and prefer to be petted a lot.  So if your kid ever wants to go outlet the pug accompany them.

c. Poodles

What is the best thing about having a Poodle in your home? No hair shedding. A medium-sized poodle is an ideal choice for teens as they are super sensitive towards their owners and highly intelligent animal. The grooming sessions of a Poodle are equally fun; something a teenager can make time for too. This way both, the dog and your child, will have the chance to experience something good. 

On the plus side, Poodles love the outdoors too. So, a picnic once in a while will do good for everyone. 

d. The Wheaten Terriers

If dogs could be named as “funny or ironic” you can happily picture a Wheaten Terrier. It’s one of the most adorable medium size dog breeds to ever exist. Usually, they are independent dogs, and not loud even as a pup. If you get them at an early age, it’s easier to train them. 

On hot summer days, they won’t even mind getting wet with the teens in the pool either. They do love to fool around with water so make sure you have a big yard for the outdoor fun. 

e. Dalmatians

When you hear the word Dalmatians the toons may pop up in your mind. This spotted paw friend is smart and wittingly so. However, they have palpable energy and therefore can seem a bit nervous if they are cooped inside for long. They love to go on long walks or stay in the open. 

So as a teen if you want a choice for a social dog, go for a Dalmatian. 

3. Big Size Dog for Kids and Adolescence

Big Size Dog for Kids

Once, kids are turning have reached their early 20’s the choice of dogs should shift too.  Large dog breeds are usually not preferred as they are hard to keep up. But if your kids (now soon to be responsible adults) can handle a medium-size dog then chances are they can also handle the following breeds. 

a. Golden Retriever

One of the most popular large dog breeds in U.S households is the retrievers. Originally they were the hunting dog but they do make a fantastic family pet too. The sensitive ears make them sharp hunters but their adaptability means they are easy to train. 

They are smaller in size in comparison to Labrador Retrievers but they are gentle and kind towards other dogs too. 

b. Basset Hound

An easy to recognize dog breed, a Basset Hound has one distinguishing feature; long ears with a droopy face. The tubby little body is unmistakable which qualifies them as a large size dog. 

They are quite friendly with the family members and easily mingle with the new people too. They love to play tag, so on the weekends older kids can play frisbee or catch the ball with them. if you are okay with a dog that sheds a lot then it’s a cool choice. 

c. German Shepherd

Another familiar breed known for their sheep herding skills and versatile training, German Shepherds are surprisingly quite good in a household full of kids. 

They are loving, loyal, and incredibly smart canines, which is why they are famous as guard dogs too. However they do not befriend a stranger, they are highly protective of their owners and take time to open up with the strangers. 

d. Bernese Mountain Dog 

A gentle, loving, playful, and intelligent breed is what most kids want. Even young adults love to have a dog around them that is devoted to them. Usually, most house-kept Bernese Mountain Dogs are females, they need proper nourishment too. 

They are also popular as work ethic dogs. You can see them on the farm or countryside. 

e. Doberman Pinscher

Some boys love to have an intimidating dog breed.  But don’t be fooled by their dominating looks, on the inside, the Doberman are softies. 

Let your kids learn that they need to be firm but gentle with the Doberman because they are quite sensitive big size dogs. Never treat them harshly.  They love to play, don’t shed much either, and are the best for those who suffer from allergies. 

Pick your Choice!

Whichever dog you may choose to take with you home, make sure to take care of their nutrition and exercise. Treat the dogs well because they are one of the loyal best companions kids can ever have. 

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