Life-Saving Hacks: A Beginners Guide to Train a Guard Dog

It goes without saying – a dog without some killer moves is just a decoration piece. No offense. In current times, it’s a necessity to be more aware of your surroundings. Needs for protection have elevated at so many levels. It’s important to train a guard dog. From day one you should start focusing on the training aspects. Once your pet gets accommodated (comfortable) enough you can begin the physical exercises and plays indoor and outdoor. 

House training your puppy from a young age can be life-saving. With the right minimal effort, you can train a guard dog with basic training tricks for dogs to advanced security level commands. 

So, How Long does it take to Train a Guard Dog?

As for my dog, a  Dobberman, it didn’t take long. The breed is very protective because of their natural instinct (God bless them!). So the protection training was most suitable for them (if you have one) is at around the age of 4. But I did start basic tricks and regular commands at a younger age when he was just a young puppy.

Some dog breeds are naturally more inclined to be protectors while some are great empathizers. It’s not a matter of a few days or weeks. It takes months and good long years to train your pet to become a guard dog even with natural instincts. 

So, the time duration to train your dog to become a guard dog will vary depending on a few quality factors like;

  • Breed 
  • Size 
  • Nature etc

So, if you are wondering if you have the “It” dog for a guard dog then here are some of the breeds that do qualify as a guaranteed option; 

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Bullmastiff
  • German Shepherd
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Komondor
  • Kunming Wolf Dog
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback

Sharing Tried and Tested Attack Dog Training Secrets

Even if you are a proud owner of a cute litter Terrier Ferrier you still can teach them to become an attack dog. Surprised? The size is a defect that works in the favor and that’s the key that will work in favor of small dog breeds. 

It will be hard no doubt but whether you have a small-size dog or a medium-size dog, you can always modify these guard dog training tips and tricks accordingly. It’s one solution for all dog breed sizes. 

1- Learning at a Young Age

Advance training commands are doable even at a young age. So if you hear otherwise, it’s just a myth. Like with our own kids, we start teaching them at a young age right? Some are brighter than others. Similar is the case with dogs. 

The recommended dog training begins at the age of 7-12 weeks of age. It’s easier to retain the information. Muscle memory is stronger and at its sharpest. So if you want to teach your dog new tricks regarding protection or even basic commands start with the young. 

2- Reinforcement

What makes a good guard dog? If your dog is timid and a lazy bag of bones (no offense) you first need to begin with his daily exercise regime. Then think of a possibility whether he is ready or not for guard dog tricks. 

A guard dog should be confident, ooze curiosity, and be assertive. Ideally, a guard should not be timid or shy around strangers at all. So, how to make a dog fearless? Take them out a lot if you feel your dog is shutting the outer world. Confidence is the first step towards accepting change. 

3- Socialization 

Like I just said, your dog must be confident. To be a guard dog does not mean to be restricted. Make it fun. Before the actual training session begins, engage the dog in his favorite game. Make him happy. The lively mood will make him more willing to train and learn new commands. 

For after the training session, you can groom your dog or give him a deserving reward. 

4- Consistent Command

Like with every other training, you need to be consistent with training a protection dog. Using commands consistently is the primary keyword here. Avoid changing the use of commands too soon. Give your dog time to develop a routine and adjust the actions according to the commands. 

Once the goal is achieved then add a new command accordingly. Also, watch your tone. The low tone will not take you anywhere near perfection. Don’t be harsh but keep your tone steady and confident.

Can I Train My Dog Myself?

One of the most common queries is “who will train the dog”. Dog owners mostly cover the “hows” but forget to cover the “whos”. 

The answer to this question depends on the type of training you want for your dog. For instance, if you want a regular pet, then teaching regular dog commands is easy like sit, stay, stop, etc. to want to have a personal protection dog is a different game. 

Some dog breeds are friendlier so they are easier to handle. They quickly catch on with the regular commands. However, the above-mentioned dog training tips are workable for all dog owners. So don’t delay the training anymore.

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