Share the Love: Ways to Raise a Healthy and Happy Puppy

They say a happy wife means a happy life, but I say a happy dog is a happy you. The dog owner cannot argue with this statement, after all, dogs don’t argue back! But they do have their way of showing if they miss you among other emotions. This is a sign of grooming a healthy puppy i.e. your dog shows emotions at a certain level. If there were a few things that you could do to increase your dog’s life expectancy would you do it?

Of course! You will without any second thought. An adult dog may be easier to train and less work is required with them but what if you are a brand new owner of a cute little terrier? You need to focus twice as hard on the puppy diet and nutrition plan to keep them healthy and strong. 

Want to know more?

So keep reading until you find some of the easy steps to follow and to take care of to keep your dog happy and healthy.  

2 Most Important Things to Remember to Keep Newborn Puppies Healthy

The story begins when you get your newborn puppy for the very first time. The feelings and emotions are overwhelming not only for you but for your puppy as well. Puppies need more time to adjust in the new surroundings especially if they are in their nursing week. 

  • Once you get used to each other (let things become familiar) you will get accustomed to your puppy’s feeding, sleeping, and playing schedule. This will help you recognize anything out of the ordinary if your puppy gets sick and so. 
  • Vaccinations are one of the primitive but necessary ways to keep your puppy healthy. Depending on the geographical location, newborn puppies can easily catch new diseases. It’s best to prevent those by following the mandatory vaccination procedure as stated by the law. 

How can you maintain your Puppy’s Health Schedule?

Proper Nutrition

A healthy diet for puppies is so important! You need to feed him a well-balanced diet. After all when they say “you are what you eat” it also applies to your dogs too. 

High-quality food is a must, but the proteins and carbs along other nutrient levels must be taken care of. When you buy commercial food always remember to read the labels because not all dog foods ensure equal quality. 

If your puppy is showing signs of obesity from an early age, shift the diet, and prevent giving him food that is the reason for the weight gain. Consult your vet before you make any major changes in your puppy’s diet plan. 

Time for Exercise is Now

Physical activities make your dog more than just happy. Each breed requires a different exercise regime to follow to make sure they grow properly. Exercise plays a vital role to improve the growth rate of your puppy. So you can experiment with what your dog likes to do best. 

It’s easy, to begin with, simple exercises like catch the ball or an early or evening run. 

Create a Puppy Schedule with the vet’s help to switch from puppy food to adult dog food

To start a feeding schedule and to change it with the growing age (until your pup is one year old at least) you must consult your vet. In the first six months, nutritional needs change drastically which can be annoying or confusing at first for you. So, ask your vet about the recommended diet plan and vitamin supplements for dogs too that can be helpful in case your pup doesn’t eat much. 

What are other fun-loving ways to make your Puppy Happy?

The sooner you set your puppy’s schedule, the better it is for him to adjust. A routine makes a lot of things easier and comfortable for the owner and for the pup too. So you can try the following activities to engage your new puppy like 

  • Why not groom? If cats love being spoiled then so do dogs. A long-haired dog doesn’t fancy a grooming salon every 3-6 weeks but it’s essential to keep them healthy. Begin with a trim, as it will prevent eye irritation and keep the ear infection at bay too. 
  • A healthy dog also means that you need to brush them regularly. Petting your dog is essential to create a level of trust between you and your new puppy. So even if they are scared or uncomfortable, they will overcome the fear. 
  • Eat a fish or you give some. Omega – 3 fatty acids are good to keep your dog happy. So you can give a canine treat to your puppy too!
  • Try tittering the pup. It refers to strength and concentration. If your dog shows satisfactory levels of vaccine titers, he is immune to most diseases which are a good sign of a healthy puppy

Signs of a Healthy Newborn Puppy

You may be giving the best food and maintaining a healthy dog schedule but is your puppy happy? A newborn puppy usually is active. But if your puppy can’t recognize you from an early age (like they are supposed to) it means something is off. 

You must keep these characteristics in mind to ensure your newborn puppy is healthy. 

Normal Characteristics

  • Eyes should be bright and clear. 
  • Ears should be free of any discharge, odor, or even redness. 
  • No sores or discharge in the nose either. 
  • The mouth must be fresh (yes even for dogs) and gums should be a healthy pink. 
  • Dog’s coat should be shiny and clean. 
  • Playful puppies must have a standard weight. 

Signs of a Sick Puppy 

In what circumstances is your puppy sick? Some of the most common signs of a sick puppy are as follows. 

Abnormal Characteristics 

  • Diarrhea is one of the most common ailments found in puppies. If the conditions continue for more than 24 hours call the vet. 
  • Constipation is quite similar to diarrhea. If the pup has swallowed a foreign substance (like hair) or even drank contaminated water, his stomach will mess up. 
  • Pups can vomit often but if it’s constant, then it’s a point of concern. If it continues for more than five times in the same day, it’s time to call the vet. 
  • Bloody urine or straining to urine is a sign of a sick puppy. Call for help immediately. 

Top 4 Choices for the Healthiest Food for a Puppy

Let’s talk about food therapy. One of the oldest medicines to exist in the world is in the form of foods, not only for humans but for dogs as well. 

So, speaking from a clear perspective after careful experiments, some of the delicious and healthiest food besides fruits and veggies for your puppy can include;

  • A bone broth! It acts as a healing potion. Just simmer it with apple cider vinegar. It helps in improving digestion and a leaking gut. 
  • Raw goat milk is one of the most nutrients – rich foods you can add to a dog’s diet plan. It included fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2, healthy fats, probiotics, amino acids, and so on. 
  • A homemade organ meat meal contains twice the nutrition than processed food for dogs. They are nutrient-dense. Liver and kidney are the two most common ingredients included in a puppy’s meal. 
  • Eggs are also a nutritional powerhouse for the puppy. a complete source of protein they also include vitamin A, D, E A, and complex B vitamins.

What will make my Puppy Healthy and Happy?

 If a puppy is healthy he will certainly be more happy. To maintain a healthy weight for your pup, a nutritional diet, and easy to follow exercises are a must.

 Focus on the Diet for your Puppy

  1. Choosing a higher calorie food in protein will make your puppy a canine athlete. 
  2. Feeding smaller meals is better to give three meals a day in a bigger portion. Give more opportunities to your pups to digest more calories. 
  3. Give vital supplements with snacks. For instance, bison is high in fat and protein you can use alongside the meal you prepare. 
  4. Use of wet or fresh foods is preferable to canned dog food. but do follow the proper guidelines to maintain the feeding schedule. 

Dog Training is a must! 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle for your dog is as important as your cardio workout. If you are an exercise geek, then bring the game on for your dog too. Exercises and proper can compel your pet to be open to more challenges. Even a stay at the home dog is better if he gets to stretch his paws at least once a day. 

Instead of letting them sit idle and gain weight more than necessary, exercise works in your dog’s favor. So yes, proper training will take your dog, make him aware how to behave around strangers and who knows they will learn the command well enough that it will save lives one day!

Always Communicate with your Dog

Dogs are social too. An early communication experience can help dogs to develop a quicker sense of familiarity with the owner and the surrounding people.  for instance, when a puppy is 16-18 weeks old, this is the best time to socialize with him. Take your puppy out on the walk, visit family friends, and take the puppy with you to help then connect with other people. 

Also, during the daytime, you can leave your dogs at the animal’s daycare to let them communicate with other dogs too in their own way. 

Eat, love, and bark! How happy dogs express their love to you?

Love can be ironic and silly at times, but when it comes to dogs, they have their unique way to show love to their human friends. They will lick you or wriggle their tail at the sight of you. Why? You bring them happiness. 

There are even support dogs for the senior citizens to guide them and become a loving hand for their owners. This goes both ways, loving dogs can increase their lifespan, decrease anxiety in dogs, and helps them overcome depression. 

Stay Tuned 

A puppy’s love is unconventional. They give their heart to you and remain loyal until their last breath. Showing your puppy your love for him will do wonders. All you need to do is carry on with as many of these tips as possible. Let your dog become the extended shadow of your personality. A little snuggle can go a long way!

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