Nutritional Nourishment for Pets: What Fruits can Dogs Eat?

As humans, we all know the nutritional importance of eating natural food. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of nourishment not only for us but for our dogs too. Like bears, dogs are omnivores, they take a liking to eat sweet relishes too i.e. fruits. Surprised? Don’t be, there are fruits good for dogs which they love to eat! Dogs are known to have the sharpest taste buds and have a keen sense of taste and smell too. 

Not only dogs love the “human treats” they love the idea of eating. So if you wanted to adjust the meal plan for our dog, you can start your day by adding fruits that provide the best digestive support for your dog among other benefits. 

Although we would love to share all kinds of food with our furry friend not everything is supposed to give to them. 

So, What Fruits can Dogs Eat, if not all of them? 

Fruits are the best agents of health, that helps to increase immunity in dogs, resolve digestive troubles, and sometimes can be used as a natural cure to ailing health.  

Can Dogs Eat Apples?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an apple a day will not keep your dog away from the basket full of ‘em! They are a great source for potassium, fiber, phytonutrients, flavonoids, vitamin C, and of course they are juice. 

At a young age, pups will love to eat apples. Like a human baby, they have a natural taste for sweeteners. Therefore if you want to give apples to your puppy you can do it. Apples are crunchy and delicious to eat but also beware of the seeds! The apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide, something dogs must avoid. So make sure that if you do give apples pop out the seeds fit or it can also become a disastrous choking hazard. 

Are Bananas a Healthy Choice for Dogs?

If humans love to eat convenient food then what is there to stop dogs from eating such foods too? Bananas are one of the primary fruits that they are found commonly eating? Since bananas are easy to keep in your food pantry you can stock for good. 

Packed with potassium, bananas are an essential ingredient to keep your dog’s heart strong.  It makes up for a perfect healthy snack and a breakfast item for the dog. But too much abundance of bananas is not good either as they are high in sugar. Too much binge eating on bananas can make your dog gain weight. 

So its bananas are given occasionally not on an everyday basis. 

How Healthy are Strawberries?

Strawberries healthy for Dogs

Berries – aren’t they the fruit of the century? Not only for humans, but berries hold nutritional value for dogs too. So yes, dogs can eat strawberries along with blueberries. Since strawberry is also rich in antioxidants, it also boasts high in fiber and vitamin C. This helps to boost your dog’s immune system, fights the free radicals in the body, and is also helpful with your dog’s oral health. 

They produce an enzyme that acts as a natural teeth whitener for your canine friend. As a dog owner, you can freeze a bag of strawberries for yourself but also give the crunchy snack to your dog. Since the sugar level is comparatively more than average, do take care of the ratio of strawberries in the meal. 

Peachy as a Pear! Can Dogs Eat Them?

You will be happy to learn this, pears are considered to be a “safe fruit” for dogs. Rich in copper, fiber, vitamin C, and K pears are a special ingredient that helps in aiding blood clotting too. When dogs eat pears it helps to sustain the irritable bowls too. Eating pears in their meal plan alongside dog exercises makes the dog’s immune stronger. 

But did you know it also prevented strokes in senior dogs by 50%? However, it is debatable but quick searches are showing progressive results.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

A winter fruit, oranges can be fed to dogs too. Rich in vitamin C, the citric nature of orange flush toxins out of your dog’s system as it’s a natural detox. Yes, dogs also need detoxified food too to maintain a healthy life. 

Instead of trying to include a variety of oranges, give only sweet oranges, remove the skin and make sure there aren’t any loose skin threads. Oranges make up for one of the best fruits dogs can eat. 

Pineapple – Nutritional Value of the Crown Fruit for Dogs

If dogs can eat fruit can they eat pineapple? The answer is “Yes”. Once you remove the thick skin, you can serve the pineapple flesh (only!) to your dog. It contains vitamins, folate, and zinc which are great for digestion and the immune system.  Moreover, pineapple has a secret enzyme, bromelain, which helps to break down the meat to digest it easily. 

Dogs can eat the King of the Fruits: Mango

Of course, one of the many reasons why most people evolve diet plans for their dog. Mangos are not only tasty but nutritious forms of dog treat. Mangoes are high in carotenoids, potassium, vitamins, and trace minerals. One ripe mango keeps a pup happy like a sunny day. 

But you need to be careful about removing the hard pit. The mango pit, similar to apples, contains cyanide which is highly toxic to dogs. It can even affect your dog’s breathing. If swallowed accidentally, it can cause a block in the bowl which is only removable by doing surgery. 

Can a Puppy Eat Watermelon?

Watermelons are a fresh source of hydrated food. think of it as a refreshing and healthy drink for your dog. As it consists of 92% water, even a slice of watermelon will do much good to your dog on hot summer days.  Known for its richness in vitamin A, B6, and C, with potassium, making your dog eat it will help to boost the healthy nerve function and will promote muscle growth as well. 

Can a Dog Eat Kiwi?

If you are interested in including a much safer choice for your dog, go with kiwi. Kiwi is a safe fruit for all dogs and is known to contain a healthy quantity of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.  

Dogs can be picky eaters, so if you are worried about your dog not eating properly, you can sneak kiwi in his food bowl. Not only is it juicy, even for dogs, but also contributes to healthy skin, circulation and boosts the digestive system.  Like the majority of fruits, it contains flavonoids and carotenoids which are the best antioxidants that promote cell rejuvenation. 

A BIG No! Which Fruits Dogs cannot Eat?

Unlike the above mentioned yummy fruits, some fruits must be avoided at all costs. They can cause serious health concerns and in some cases even the death of your dogs. So remember the following fruits that you need to avoid giving your dog;

  • Apricots – a big controversial food for dogs 
  • Avocado – is toxic for pets 
  • Cherries – easy to swallow the pits that contain cyanide 
  • Dates  – puts a dog at risk for serious bowel obstruction 
  • Figs  – it can cause diarrhea in dogs 
  • Grapes – are highly toxic to dogs and raisins too 
  • Peaches – can cause a life-threatening blockage 
  • Plums – easy to eat pits that can lead to severe consequences 

So, of course, be very careful when feeding fruits to your dogs.  Be our guest and try giving kiwi or any of these other fruits to your dog. After all its nutrition and health of your dog at its best!

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